Book Worms

We try to read to our girls often, but ofttimes I have excuses why I don't have time to. Rob on the other hand is always so good and consistent about reading to the them. He almost never says no. Even when we're rushing the girls to bed, or when he's just home from work and tired. What a good dad! I need to learn from the good example in front of me.


  1. Rob's beard is handsome. Can I say that? Also, I try to read to my kids a lot (well, Clara is a lost cause, she reads and reads and reads and reads to herself, she's way too grown up to have me read to her, ha ha), but Jason is so good about doing it when he gets home from work if I'm still making dinner. It's comforting to know even if I have had a busy day or made excuses not to take the time to read to Hazel that he's there to fill in the gaps. :)

    1. Rob will be flattered. You and Jason make a good team. I notice that you two are always filling in each other's gaps. :) Also, I hope my girls grow up to love reading as much as Clara.