For a month Molly practically started every sentence with 'Actually'.

Molly had a cough and was coughing so much that she threw up. After, she said she didn't like the diarrhea in her mouth.

Molly was cuddling with me on the couch and turned to Rob and said, "No one wants to cuddle with you cause you tooted."

While picking her nose she said "I'm allergic to boogers."

Molly told me one night that I have a 'strawberry nose', "because you have all those black things on your nose." 

After admiring some pretty flowers, Molly ran up to me and Rob and said, "I felt the flowers and they were so... comfortable."

We had mangos with dinner one night and Molly kept asking for more 'flamingos'.

Molly wants to say all the prayers in our house and when she gets the chance she likes to use big words like 'opportunity'. She hasn't said it in the right context yet, but it always makes us snicker. 

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