My Little Photographer

As I was getting ready one morning, Molly came to me and asked where my phone was. I asked her why she needed my phone to which she replied she needed it to take pictures. She left in search of it. I knew it was stashed under a pillow on my bed, but she left before I said anything. Don't ask me how, but she found it. I minute later I heard Molly instructing Sophie to get closer. She was trying to take a selfie with her little sis. It was so cute! I immediately took off to grab my camera. Normally it's in the room next to mine, but I'd taken it downstairs. So I went running out of my room, half dressed, to get it and get back before they were finished taking selfies. I made it just in time, but as soon as Sophie saw me hold the camera up to my eye she was outta there. But at least I got a few shots of Molly taking some selfies and a couple pictures of her bear T.P.

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