Other May Happenings

For my lesson as the primary song leader I wanted to do something special for Mother's Day. I asked the moms in our ward to send me a fun or silly picture of them and we played concentration and sang the mother's favorite primary songs. This was the picture I took for the lesson. The kids loved it.
We went up to Park City, our favorite yard sale destination, one Saturday morning. Molly had earned some money doing chores and used her 50 cents to buy this Beanie Baby.
She named it T.P. and carries him all around the house. Often times we find  him tucked in her arms as she sleeps.

We tried letting the girls sleep together one night (they insisted) and found them up and wired at 10 pm. They had moved from the bed to the the floor and we decided sleeping separately is still the way to go.

Molly and Sophie came into the office where I was working on the computer one day dressed as Glinda and Dorothy. It was super cute!
Later that day while eating lunch, Molly got her dress stuck on the stool. I though she looked like a centaur and took her picture so I could show her what one was.
We had breakfast at the cafe at Rob's work one day. They were doing a $1 a plate day. It was so much yummy food: French toast, hash browns, fruit, sausage, bacon, and eggs. We had a lot of fun and our tummies were extra happy.
We had to wake Sophie early from her nap one afternoon for a birthday party. On my way in Molly came to me with my camera and asked if she could take a picture of Sophie. I said yes, but quickly stole the camera from her when I saw this precious moment of Molly gently waking her little sister.
The birthday party we went to was held at Lowes X-Treme Sports. The kids had a blast jumping on the trampolines and into the foam pits.
I caught Rob sleeping one Saturday afternoon and decided his phone needed a new screen picture.
It was raining that same afternoon and we were pretty much stuck at home. I came upon Molly giving Sophie a makeover in the bathroom.
For Mother's Day, Rob made me breakfast and lunch. Molly made me 6 cards. In sacrament I was asked to say the closing prayer and as the primary song leader I lead the children in singing to their moms for the musical number. I was relieved when both of those events were over!
(A few of Molly's Mother's Day cards to me)
That afternoon we drove up to visit my mom. The only picture of her was the one Molly took while we were trying to iron my nieces wedding dress.
One day I sent the kids down to the kitchen table with their Play-Doh kit while I was working on the computer. I soon heard giggling and squealing and went to investigate. They were making potty jokes about their Play-Doh and having a good time.
One morning the girls curled up in Molly's bed to watch Netflix on our Kindle.
Later that day we meet up with friends at the park and played.
Sometimes our shopping trips involves watching movies.

For quiet time one day I decided to read. Molly decided to curl up next to me, still in her gymnastic clothes, and then we both fell asleep and slept the afternoon away.

I had to leave the house one evening and Rob was in charge of getting the girls down for bed. When I came home I could tell the girls were not asleep yet. I went to investigate and found Sophie's bedroom door closed and Rob laying on Molly's bed by himself. I asked him what was going on and he said that Molly wanted to read Sophie her bedtime story and there was no where for him to sit so he left them in the other room together. When I went in I found this...

Saturday morning Sophie woke before Molly, which is a rare event, and cuddled with Rob.
Molly delivering Sophie's blankies right to her crib.
Rob got home early from work one day and read to the girls. I wanted to test out my old telephoto lens (that I never use) since I thought I might use it later that day at Molly's gymnastic expo and captured this shot.
It was fun to see Molly at her gymnastic expo. It was in the evening so Rob was able be there. She did a great job.
I went to the dentist for a cleaning and found I had a filling that needed to be redone. I hope my children get Rob's strong teeth. I don't even think he's had a cavity. I brush twice a day and floss everyday and yet I have a filling in almost every tooth in my mouth. My teeth are expensive.

Rob's sister mailed the girls a necklace and a bow. They loved them.
We had day passes to Thanksgiving point and I took the girls to the Dinosaur Museum. While there I saw that the Farm was having a special event that evening to celebrate all the new baby animals. So when Rob got home and after dinner we headed over. It was a lot of fun! They had all sorts of activities for the kids, we went on a wagon ride, and ate birthday cake.
We found out on the 22nd that Rob's Aunt Sybil was not doing very well and was expected to die within 12-24 hours. That next morning she passed. It's always hard to see people in your life go. She was such a huge blessing to Rob and his family throughout her life.

7:55 am one morning.
After bath time I wrapped Molly's hair in her towel and it was adorable. 
On a Saturday my sister came into town for my niece's wedding shower. We headed over together and took Molly with us. After we spent the rest of the day hanging out, shopping, and running errands. Molly makes a cute little model.

One Sunday morning Molly came into cuddle. I got up to get ready for 9 am church and Rob and her slept in. It was cute enough I took the time to take a photo and then we really had to rush to get to church.
I thought Rob needed another phone screen picture since he switched it back from the last one I took.
I let Molly watch a movie in our bedroom one afternoon and came in to find she'd made a bed out of pillows and fell asleep.
On Friday we spent the morning together as a family since Rob wasn't heading in to work that day. He and Molly were instead heading to Arizona for the funeral of Rob's aunt. We would have all like to go, but neither of our cars would have made the trip and it was too expensive for us all to fly. So we went for a walk and played at the park while we waited for Rob and Molly's ride to pick them up.
For the past few days it's just been me and Sophie. It's amazing how different it is to go from caring for two children down to caring for one. But it's been fun having quality time just with Sophie. We haven't had much alone time together and I think we've both really enjoyed it.

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