Sophie Two and a half

Sophie at 2 1/2 years:

- classifies everything in a family. "That's the daddy... mommy... sister..."

- can recognize each letter in the alphabet.

- insists on going through the front door. She won't go in through the garage door. It's mostly because she wants to ring the doorbell. The doorbell is pretty high for her so she has to get way up on her tippy toes to barely reach the tip of the button. So it take a bit of time for her to ring it. Once she does Molly usually say's, "Who is it?... Uncle Sophie!" So whoever opens the door for her welcomes her in as Uncle Sophie. (It came from our most visited guest Uncle Cameron.)

- likes to play with my long hair. She will lick her hands to get them wet and start petting my head. I don't know where she learned that because I've never licked my hands to fix her hair.

- loves to push all the door entrance handicap buttons. She will freak out if she doesn't get to push it and then she'll wait for the doors to shut so that she can push the button.

- got her first real haircut April 14, 2015. She had a major mullet in the back so I cut it off and gave her some stacked layers. It looks so much better!

- insists on using a straw in her cup for dinner every night. She's kind enough to get one for everyone else too.

- likes to wrap a blanket around her like a cape and sing the song from Frozen.

- shouts, "me! I want to" when it's time to pick someone for the prayer.

- runs around shouting, "You can't get me!"

- is so stubborn! When she wants something she will throw a huge tantrum if she doesn't get it. When she throwing her fit there is no distracting her, or comforting her, or trying to talk to her to calm her down. The only thing that stops the fit is giving her exactly what she wants.

- says, "It's out of batteries," to everything. Like when she couldn't tinkle on the potty she was out of batteries or when she doesn't want to eat something or something doesn't work or when her to-go applesauce packet is out.

- calls lollipops mollypops

- still loves to copy everything Molly does and says.

- uses the word 'because' ALL the time.

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