June Happinings

We've had some fun and interesting times during the month of June, but mostly I've been wanting to see the month pass. I've been pretty much sick the entire month and I'm talking really sick. There have been days I've thrown up 11 times and many day's I've pretty much had to lay on the couch or on my bed for hours just to get through the day. So I'm hoping July will bring better days.

Some of the high lights of June:

Rob and Molly rode down to Arizona with family for Rob's aunt's funeral. Sophie and I were planning to stay at home because first of all I wasn't feeling well, second, neither of our cars would have made the drive south plus neither of them had air conditioning, and third we didn't have enough in the budget to make the trip. Well a day or so before the funeral Rob's cousin let us know they had some extra space on their private plane and Sophie and I could go to the funeral with them. So we did. We were so grateful for the opportunity to go and we sure loved the convenience of a private plane. We just walked right on. No lines, security, stress. It was fantastic.
We met Rob and Molly at the church for the funeral. Unfortunately we didn't have time to attend the interment, but had to head back to Utah. Rob and Molly did though. I heard it was deathly hot, but they had doves, balloons, musical numbers and it was pretty interesting.
Once we arrived in Utah, the wind was blowing like a hurricane. Sophie and fallen asleep on the way home so once we landed I jumped off to pull my car right up to the plane and see if I could transfer her without waking her. As soon and I left she woke up though. When I returned we started deplaning and someone mentioned that Sophie had a messy diaper. I wasn't too worried and thought I'd quickly change her diaper. I wasn't prepared for the massive blowout she'd had while I was retrieving the car. Once I realized she had poop everywhere, up to her chest even, I knew this was not going to be a quick change. So with the wind almost blowing me over, I put Sophie in the trunk of the car and started the 15 minute diaper change. I tried to get a quick picture and couldn't get one in focus because the wind was blowing so hard and I couldn't keep my phone still enough. I had to remove all her clothes and use about 30 wipes to clean her off. And I couldn't even get it all off. It was caked to her and what she really needed was a bath. So once I did all I could do she went in her car seat in just a diaper and we rushed home for a much needed bath. 
With Rob and Molly gone, Sophie and I had a lot of alone time. It was nice to spend time with just her... we've never had that opportunity. She's a funny girl, made lots of messes, and kept me entertained.
Here she is getting into my make-up.
And here I found her playing with her toys all by herself.
On the 3rd, my niece and I went up to the capitol to do some bridal shots. I wasn't prepared for the crazy weather that evening. We got some good shots, but it wasn't easy with the wind. Plus we were really rushed with the lighting and the rain.
A friend knew I'd been really sick and one day dropped of several bags of groceries. It was the sweetest! Even though I was feeling awful, it totally made my day!
We love that we only have to walk down the street to see and pet horses.
Bedtime shenanigans and...
bedtime stories.
Somehow I still find myself hand feeding my 4 year old!
Rob's work had an outdoor movie night. It was a lot of fun. They had cotton candy on glow sticks, candy bars, sodas and we watched Big Hero 6. We all loved it and with all the sugar the girls didn't have a problem staying awake so late.
I was able to attended the temple with my two nieces who were both going through for the first time.
Daddy daughter cuddle sessions.
Sophie in her regular dress-up attire. 
Our friends down the street had a lemonade stand that we stopped by. Since then Molly has been having all sorts of lemonade stands on the patio. She wants to do it everyday. This one was just for our little family.
Here's another one of her lemonade stands for Sophie.
We went to a petting zoo at the park.
My niece got married on the 19th. I was the photographer so I was pretty busy taking hundreds of photos of the wedding, open house, and reception.
The reception was beautiful and well put together. You could tell a lot of work went into it.
Because I wasn't feeling so good we spent a few days at McDonald's this month. It meant I didn't have to make any food and I could just sit while my girls played and enjoyed some time out of the house.
Molly decided to make little baggies filled with candies, priced them, and tried to sell them outside the front door. The problem was it was so hot outside not a soul was out, but it entertained her for quite some time.
Sophie has been taking off all her clothes during her naps. Were getting use to finding her this way.
Rob's really stepped up this month to help around the house since haven't been able to do much with the way I've been feeling. He's made dinner, cleaned the house, and regularly puts the kids down. I've been so grateful for all his help!
We also had a girls day with just my sisters and mom. We had lunch and went to a movie. It was fun hanging out with all my sisters.

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