Staycation Part 1

Rob had the week before the 4th of July off work which we thought would make a perfect time to take a summer vacation. Rob tried to convince me to go to Disneyland, or Sea World, or somewhere exciting, but I kept reminding him that neither of our cars had air conditioning and the only car that could actually make a drive to CA would cost a lot to fix the heating/cooling air system. Flying was out of the question since it would be too expensive. We even looked at taking a train, but it was still almost as much as flying. So I convinced Rob we should take a staycation and get a 3 day city Connect pass. Which is just what we did.

Day 1: Monday Rob had a pass from work to the Aquarium so we started the week there. We watched our first 4-D movie about turtles and really liked it.
We returned home for Sophie's nap and Rob took one of our cars in to get more refrigerant in it and hopefully fix the air conditioning in one of our cars. We were so happy it worked! I don't think we could have lasted the week without it. It felt amazing to drive around without the windows open and sweating in a way-to-hot car.
Day 2: On Tuesday we started using our Connect Pass. We started at the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway. The girls loved it.
After the children's museum we headed to Lion House for a lunch that came with the pass. It was our first time eating there and we like it. Plus we were a bit surprised at how busy it was.
We then headed over to the Leonardo. It was okay. I don't think I'd pay to go there again, but it was interesting to see once. Rob and I were so tired by this point we kind of took every opportunity to sit back and watch the girls play.
We ended the day with a 3-D iMax movie at the Clark Planetarium. It was a perfect ending to our day. We could sit back, relax, enjoy some popcorn and watched the Flight of the Butterflies.
Day 3: On Wednesday we started our day at the Hogle Zoo. The highlight of our trip there was the bird show and when the polar bear dove into his pool for popsicle filled with fruit and veggies.
We headed up Emigration Canyon a mile or two and had lunch at Ruth's Diner. The hamburgers were so big we could of split one between me and Rob.
We ended our day at This is the Place Heritage Park. I think this was probably my favorite and I kind of wished we'd started our day here so that we didn't feel quite so hot and tired by the time we got there. Sophie was in love with washing clothes like the pioneers. We literately had to take her kicking and screaming away from washing just to move on. 
We watched some Indian dancing.
And Sophie insisted on getting a shave at the barber shop.
We took the train around the park, panned for gold, took a kiddie train around a lake...
rode the ponies, learned a lot about the early people in Utah, and let the girls fill a bag with nostalgic candies to enjoy on the ride home.
Molly didn't last long on the drive. She was out within minutes.
Like normal, Molly slept in the car and Sophie, even without an afternoon nap, kept us entertained the whole way home.

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