Staycation Part 2

Day 4: We started our day at Tracy Avery. We saw the bird show and it was not covered or shaded. We about melted. It was interesting to see all the cool birds, but I was literally pouring water all over my kids and Rob to cool them off... and it was only 10am! 
We picked a good spot to spend the middle of the day... Snowbird. We took a tram ride to the top of the mountain and were happy to escape the heat and find it was much cooler than the valley.
We decided to take a 20 minute hike over to the ski lift and ride the lift back down. It was beautiful, cool, breezy, and pretty much perfect.
We were pretty dirty from the dusty trail.
Last we headed over to Red Butte Gardens. The kids loved the splash pad and running around the children's garden.
And then Sophie fell in the muddy pond.
That night we headed up to my parents house to spend the night. Then the next morning we had a family baptism in WY. Our breaks in the car had started to really screech and grind on our way to Snowbird and the rest of the previous day so Rob took them to a mechanic down the street early that morning. He forgot to get our car seats out of our car. We were going to borrow my parents car, but had no car seats for the girls and our car was locked in a garage while the mechanic drove to the next town to run an errand. We were in a serious time crunch. My parents called around and were able to find two car seats. Surprisingly we were able to make the 10 am baptism just in time.

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