July Happenings

Silly Sophie with her pants full of fruit snacks.
We went to a BBQ with some ward members and Sophie was all over adding some beauty to the sidewalk.
On Cow Appreciation Day we donned our cow costumes and headed to Chilk-Fil-A for some free food. Yep, we are 'those' kind of people. We decided that we liked the way things went last year and so we did the same... we just went through the drive-thru. We skipped the long line winding out the door, the massive crowds, and a hunt for an empty table. Instead after a short wait in the drive-thru we headed to a nearby park to enjoy our meal.
Since being pregnant I've baked almost nothing, but since we had lot of bananas that were too ripe to really eat by themselves, I pulled out the mixer and we made banana bread.
Rob's work had a field trip for all the employee's children. It was fun. There were lots of activities. They had breakfast snacks and then lunch. We all were given t-shirts to wear although Rob thought he was too cool to wear his and Sophie was too stubborn and refused to wear hers.
We hung out with old friends one evening and Molly stayed for a sleep over. She loved it!
MOM LIFE. Molly on my lap, Sophie on my legs.
A few more pictures, except from my phone, of our trip to the Great Salt Lake.
My gorgeous niece came to stay with us for a week. She was so fun to have! We even spent an afternoon taking her senior photos. This one is one of my favorites... even if she's not smiling.
We all got together with a few of Rob's family. We spent the morning driving up the Alpine Loop. We stopped at Cascade Springs, then headed over the mountain to Heber for lunch at Dairy Keen, and then headed up to my parents house where we rode 4-wheelers.
We started potty training Sophie. She's done a really good job. She had one day where she just wasn't into it and a few poo poo accidents, but she's getting it. I made her a potty chart to help stay motivated and it helped. Plus we let her pick out a couple of little things at the store to reward her when she pooped in the potty. We didn't pick the best timing to start since our washer broke, but luckily the laundry pile hasn't grown too much more than it normally does.
I found Molly asleep one afternoon. Apparently she was watching the iPad when she fell asleep.
We got a little hand-me-down leotard and Sophie insisted on wearing to Molly's gymnastics class. She also wanted to pair it with one of Molly's skirts. 
We spent one evening at the Children's Museum and Sophie was more than entertained painting in the art section. She only painted with purple and spent about 45 minutes doing this. They had to kick us out to get her to leave.

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