The Great Salt Lake

June 22 Rob took the day off work since we expected Rob's mom and sister to be in town. They had some major car trouble and were stranded in Page for a couple days. So they were not in town yet and since Rob had the day off we decided to visit the Great Salt Lake.
Hillary, my niece, was also staying with us for the week. Molly and Sophie were in heaven having her with us... I was too!
Sophie had no fear, not even of the millions of bugs lining the shore, and started venturing in. Eventually we all ended up in the water and things started coming off. First Sophie's boots, then her pants. Then Molly's shoes and pants and eventually both their shirts. Had we known we could actually swim in the lake we would have brought swimming suits.
Check out all those bugs on Sophie's pants! Yuck! The whole shore was covered in them. It was a good thing they were harmless...
...but the spiders on the other hand. We tried to stay away from the hundreds of them. I wish I had a better picture showing how many there were living in the rocks. Look close and you'll see a bunch. I see at least 11.

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