August Happinings

As I've looked back on August to write this post, I'm surprise at all that has transpired. I've felt busy, but not as busy as it looks. Ha. 

Sophie is so stubborn. She insists on picking out her clothing every single day. I've finally given up and let her choose. In the photo below you can see a recent fit over clothing choice when I was being stubborn too.
Sophie also officially finished potty training this past month. We've had an accident here and there, but overall she did awesome. She's usually dry after a nap and most mornings. We need to switch her bed to a toddler bed so we won't have to put a diaper on at night... just in case.

We found ourselves on Studio 5 again...

Molly started Upstart this month. She has to do 15 minutes of online preschool a day 5X a week. It's been really great so far. We went to orientation in Orem and visited a familiar park after since we were in the neighborhood.

We had day passes to the Aquarium and drove up right after Rob finished work. Traffic was a nightmare and we were rushing just to have any time before they closed. But we made it with 45 minutes to enjoy. The rope bridge there terrifies Molly, but I talked her into crossing it again. On the other side she said she'd never do it again. Then ran around and insisted she do it once more, but all by herself. I'm just glad she overcame her fear.
I found Molly reading Sophie a book. I love moments like this!

I entered one of the doll houses I make for Molly in the Summit County Fair. As a former resident I was able to enter one item. I was planning to enter one of the quiet books I recently made, but Rob convinced me to enter the doll house. It did really well! It got the best place it could: sweepstakes. We drove up to Coalville to walk around the fair, see my doll house, and all the items my mom entered. It was very nostalgic since I spent lots of time at the county fair each year growing up. We always entered things and also showed and sold pigs there every year from age 8-18. 

It seems that when one thing goes wrong so does a whole slew of things. Our washer broke, then our A/C stopped working, then a drain to our A/C stopped draining, and then we had internet problems. When our washer broke I just stopped doing laundry. This was also during potty training time. Ha. Eventually our pile was over flowing and we were running out of clean clothes. So I took the girls and our huge pile of laundry to the most getto laundry around and did 3 loads of laundry. The girls had an adventure until they both needed to go potty and there wasn't one anywhere nearby. I put a diaper on Sophie and Molly I eventually had to take out and find a tree (which happened to be in front of a busy road) and let her squat (she's still trying to figure out how to do that without peeing on her legs and feet). I guess it was better than having more laundry to do from a potty accident.

Our blocked up drain. I took this photo the day before it got much bigger and I had to take out and dump 10+ little buckets of water. 

When our A/C stopped working it was getting hot inside. There was one night it was 85 degrees inside and Rob and I were having a really hard time falling asleep. Rob decided it was cooler downstairs and decided to try to sleep on the couch and I just keep spraying myself with water to cool off. After about 3 weeks we got someone out to fix it. I guess there have been a lot of people who've had problems with their TXV valve. They had to replace ours which was a little intensive. But it's now working hooray! Below is a photo I took when it was just too hot to be inside. We headed outside with Popsicles to cool off.

It got a little too quiet in our house one morning. Sophie decided to apply blue mascara all by herself. (And no, it wasn't mine. I don't use blue mascara. It was left over from a makeup b-day party Molly went to.)

One night I went to check on the girls before I headed to bed and found Molly sleeping like this...

I always love any chance I get to cuddle with my little Sophie. She's much too wiggly and it never lasts long. I enjoyed each of the three minute it lasted. And it deserved a selfie.

We had another outdoor movie night at Rob's work. They served snow cones, candy bars, and soda. We watched The Night at the Museum. We all had a blast and Molly loved the movie... she can't stop talking about it.

My niece asked to give me eyelash extensions in exchange for some professional photos of them for her new business. I was happy to oblige. She also gave me a facial and trimmed and plucked my brows. It was awesome! 

I got a really awesome email about a contest I'd entered. It went like this...

"Heather, Congratulations!! We are so excited to share with you that your image has officially been selected for inclusion in the 2015 VOICE Collection! Our esteemed judging panel selected your image from among a highly competitive, truly incredible pool of over 18,000 entries. We are honored and thrilled to be able to include you in this year's collection." 

I was super excited and honored to have one of my images included in the Voice collection. Wouldn't say it's my best image by any means, but I was happy to have it included among such talented photographers. You can see all the  amazing photos, and mine in the "Rulebreaker" section, at http://www.clickinmoms.com/voice

Sometimes I love the ordinary. Like watching my girls eat breakfast together.

After several weeks, we bought a washer and dryer set off KSL. We got a really good deal, I thought, until I realized the dryer needs repairs to work properly (they told us they both worked great). But I can now wash my clothes again! We still need to trade out the dryers for our old one that works, but its hard to help Rob do it with my pregnant belly. So I've just been air drying everything since. 
We borrowed my brother's truck to pick them up. Then the truck broke down on us. (Of course, we'll just add the truck and the dryer on to our long list of problems we've had this month.)

Last year I was able to go to education week in the afternoons and I loved it. This year I really wanted to go, but could only go to the evening classes since Rob works and I'm a mom. It was still fun though. I went to 2 classes each night by Chef Brad. They were great. One of those nights Rob dropped me off and took the girls over to Cougar Kickoff at BYU. They had a blast and honestly I was a little sad to miss it. It looked awesome.

They had $1 breakfast at Rob's work one morning. We went to the last one and it was delicious! So we headed up and loved it all over again. Plus I can't help not taking a bunch of pictures in his beautiful building. 

Some more photos of the ordinary. I loved how Molly was curled up in a tiny ball when I went to check on her one morning.

Naturally I had to take some photos of Sophie sleeping too. And it woke her up. She's such a light sleeper!

We headed down to my brother's house to see another brother and part of his family that were in town. We rarely see them so it was fun to get together. We decided to go to Magelby's for dinner. Sophie did not want to leave the puppies behind for Alfredo pasta. She's such a little mama.

Dinner with some of my family. We were a huge group, but if everyone would have been there we would have been a lot bigger!

Rob and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 24th. We dropped the kids off at our neighbors and went to dinner at Olive Garden. We then went for a walk out by Utah Lake. It was nice and fun to go on a date. We don't go out without the kids often.

The kids had their semi-annual dentist appointment. They both did a really good job and neither of them had a cavity! Yay!

Molly also started going to preschool in the afternoons. She's loving it and I love it for her. And although it was really hard for Sophie to let Molly go on her first day, she's liking some alone time with mama.

So our busy August came to a close. We enjoyed it and look forward to my favorite month (September!).


  1. What photo of yours did they choose? Great job, you are so talented!

    1. Thanks Catherine! They chose the photo of Molly standing on her bed whipping her blankets around. You can see it on the screen shot I took and put in the post. :)