Pregnancy Week 18

On Tuesday we had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment. I was looking forward to seeing our baby and to make sure it was just one baby and not multiples! (This pregnancy had been a lot harder than the others so I was secretly wondering if we had two babies. There was just one little one inside.) The technician sped right though the ultrasound. She measured and explained what she was doing. She said everything looked good, although the baby's head measured a little big and I measured 19 weeks instead of 18. It was fun to see the baby moving. When she tried to get a profile shot we saw the baby clenching it's fists and then it moved fist up to it's face.  The tech originally gave us only two photos, then she realized that wasn't very many photos and printed off one of a foot, which is barely recognizable. My favorite is the profile shot!

We decided not to find out the gender and be surprised on birth day. It's fun and hard at the same time! I made out two cards and had the tech write the gender in there and I mailed them off to a couple of my sisters. Now if they can resist opening until January. I'll have them open them right before I'm ready to deliver so in case we have a boy they can help me prepare a bit. That way I can relax and not stress about the gender.

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