Five Thoughts

  1. Wearing sweaters is so cozy. I'm excited to start wearing them again now that it's fall!
  2. We're into the bickering stage with Molly and Sophie and it's really hard to have as much patience as usual.
  3. Does pregnancy really cause someone to forget things? I heard it's a myth, but lately I feel like I'm in a constant state of forgetfulness.
  4. Why do kids have special places to wipe their boogers? I remember as a child my siblings and I liked to wipe them on the bottom side of an armchair. The other day I found Sophie's secret place to wipe her boogers: on the wall behind her crib. I had some scrubbing to do.
  5. Kids clothes can be so cute and fashionable these days. Many times I wish they had the same items in my size!

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