It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary

For Halloween this year Molly, despite the fact that she has a huge box full of costumes, asked to be Mary Poppins; a costume we didn't have in our big costume box. Her request didn't fizzle and I thought she'd make a cute Mary so I started looking at costume ideas and decided it wouldn't be too hard to make. I wanted her and Sophie to coordinate like last year since it was just so cute, but it was hard to figure out what to dress Sophie as. I thought about Jane or a chimney sweep (girls can sweep chimney's right?) and decided she could also be Mary Poppins. And let me tell you she makes a super cute Mary too!

So I set out one day to gather all the supplies and began sewing. I was trying to keep costs down and found both their hats for a dollar. I had some fabric already for Molly, but picked up some lace and white fabric lining for Sophie. I got ribbon, flowers, tulle, white spray paint, and had to visit lot of places before I could find some red elastic to use as the waist band. It took an afternoon and an evening to sew their skirts and I was happy to find button down shirts in Sophie's closet (luckily Molly actually fit into one of her old 18-24 month button downs! She's 4 and wearing 5 T. Ha!). I made little lace cuffs for Sophie's wrists, little bow ties, and sewed some buttons on Sophie's socks to imitate Mary's boots. I spray painted Sophie's hat white and added some tulle and red flowery balls to finish it off.

Can I say this girl who doesn't really like Halloween is so excited to see my littles dress up! I'm just as excited this year as last. I had to dress up Molly and Sophie early for a little photo shoot.


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