October Happinings

We stayed quite busy in October like most months, but with more kid activities centered around Halloween. At the first of the month my nephew came and stayed with us for a few days while his family took a short vacation. It was fun to have him. The girls loved having another playmate. They all got along really well and Molly was really helpful with him. 

For General Conference I had a major craving for cinnamon rolls and since I don't sleep well in the early mornings I was up before the sun putting some together. I've really only ever made cinnamon rolls one other time and they were sub-par, but these were yummy... a little less light and fluffy than I'd like, but they tasted good.

The kids worked on coloring while we listened and watched conference. It really is so nice to be able to watch conference from the comfort of our own home! We really enjoyed all the talks and getting to know the 3 new apostles better.

We've started going to the library often again. They do a craft day each week and it's awesome. I don't have to do a thing but show up and everything is prepared and ready to do. We made apples with worm holes one week and pumpkins another.

Our ward did a carnival this year instead of a trunk-or-treat. It was cute. There were lots of games for the kids and lots of cupcakes.

I took photos for a sealing at the SLC Temple one afternoon and was actually captured in action. That doesn't happen often :)

Molly put on some of my lipstick one afternoon and couldn't stop admiring herself in the mirror.

Rob and I went to a BYU football game, sans kids, one night. We had dinner before which made us late for the game, but since I'm pregnant and there were no backs to our seats I was okay with it being shorter. BYU won, but it was a suspenseful game towards the end which always makes for a good game in Rob's opinion.

Oh, and the sun set was beautiful.

Snapped a few pictures of the girls one Sunday afternoon. The lighting was nice in Molly's room so I couldn't resist. I love seeing their personalities come through in pictures.

We had FHE at the Aquarium one Monday evening. We went with some friends and it was a lot of fun to hang out with them.

I found Rob and Molly snuggled up on the couch one morning when I got home from the gym.

Rob went to another BYU football game with his co-workers. They even got to go down on the field.

I spent that Friday working on the girls Halloween costumes. We went to several stores to get everything we needed. Then I spent the rest of the day and some of the next sewing and putting them together.

They came out adorable... see more of their costume photos here.

After church one Sunday we had to wait a half hour for a temple recommend interview. Rob had to run home for a few minutes, but the girls and I hung out and walked around the church while we waited. It was beautiful weather which I'm really going to miss.

I'm doing a series of self portraits for this pregnancy and I asked Molly to stand in so I could set my exposure. She's so beautiful. 

Here's the belly at 25 weeks pregnant.

I got really ambitious one morning and took off the front of Sophie's crib and made it a toddler bed. Suddenly she was so "tired".  

I was afraid it would mess up her naps, at least as she adjusts to her new found freedom, and it did. She's been a little sneaky and naughty, but one afternoon I actually found her on her bed with all her books fast asleep.

For FHE one night we carved a pumpkin. Molly didn't love the pumpkin guts, but she helped a little getting them out. Sophie was terrified of them. She stuck her hand in for one second, ripped it out, and actually started crying because she hated the feeling of it. We salvaged all the seeds and I tried roasting them. No bueno. They did not taste good at all!

I took the kids down to Provo to check out some locations for an upcoming photo shoot and to take pictures of their Halloween costumes. After I changed them into normal clothes and we played at the park. We're bummed that it's starting to get cold.

One Saturday we went to Edge Home's Pumpkin Bash.

I had a 26 week check-up and also my glucose testing, which came out good. I also had Molly checked for a possible UTI and had the girls get flu shots.

There was a gorgeous sunrise one morning as I was leaving the gym. I kind if love seeing the sun rise every morning.

It's now turned cold and I have no desire to leave the house. Molly was perfectly fine people watching from the window the other day.

I found some old nightgown patterns at D.I. so I could make the girls nightgowns. This is the one I made for Sophie birthday next month. Rob thinks it looks like an old grandma moo moo. I think it's cute.

Molly wore her Halloween costume to preschool the other day. The last ten minutes of class was a costume parade for the parents. The children paraded around the lawn and preformed a couple poems for the parents. It was super cute. Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Jocelyn.

We went to a magic show and tried to trick-or-treat at the outlet mall last Wednesday. I say tried, because just about every store we went to was out of candy. It was so not worth it in my mind. It's just so frustrating trying to do any kid activity in UT. There are just sooooo many kids it makes it hard to enjoy any event. So we basically walked about in the cold for 30 minutes for 4 pieces of candy. But Rob met us there so it was easier and more fun than it would have been for us. After we looked around H&M and then went out for dinner.

On Friday, the day before Halloween, we trick-or-treated down main street with the crowds. It was freezing and as soon as the Legacy Center opened for their Halloween Extravaganza, we headed over. The girls had a ball. 

Halloween Day we donned some quick costumes (baby and I went as a pumpkin, Molly as Glinda, Sophie as Dorothy, and Rob put on a wig) and went out to eat for breakfast. It was fun.

After breakfast we went to Michaels for some Halloween crafts and a costume parade. 
Sophie was loving it and as soon as they asked her to stop painting and let her bag dry, she had a meltdown.

We spent the rest of the day at home... cleaning, building forts, and having naps. Around 4:30 I set up the camera to take some videos of the girls getting ready for trick-or-treating and snapped a few photos just before the process. I told Rob later that I was glad Halloween was over. I was getting tired of dressing the girls in their Mary Poppins costume. It was quite the process putting on tights, socks, skirts, shoes, buttoning buttons, donning lace cuffs and bow ties, doing their hair and makeup, and topping them off with hats. Plus doing this all with an uncomfortable belly in the way. We counted that they dressed up 5 times.

Trick-or-treating was a blast. I told Rob it was just like Halloween in the movies; lots of costumed neighbors going from house to house; a pleasant evening; lots of visiting along the way. Rob said it was just the same when he grew up. For me it was far from it. I grew up in a small county town in the mountains. Usually it was really cold on Halloween, sometimes even snowy, and so typically our costumes were covered by coats, hats, and gloves. Then we'd all pile in the car and my dad would drive us from house to house since there was quite a bit of distance between houses. So it was fun, nice, and convenient to just walk around our neighborhood and boom we were done.

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  1. I like your pregnancy number shirt, darling! And sometimes all the crowds are hard, Its not as bad in Spanish Fork. We went to the Riverwoods shopping area pumpkin thing (it might be the same thing you went to) and I didn't think it was worth it. Still had a nice evening w my kids but probably wouldn't go to that event again. But, like you, I think the trick or treating here is fabulous!