Pumpkin Bash

On Saturday, after our primary program practice, we headed over to Edge Home's Pumpkin Bash and it was a BASH! We loved it! There were hamburgers, hot dogs, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, funnel cake, cotton candy, chips and drinks. They had activities galore and we stayed the whole afternoon and didn't even come close to doing everything.
After eating lunch, we spent a good amount of time painting pumpkins for their pumpkin contest.
The kids tried out the bounce houses and rock wall.
The girls got their face painted...
...and met Cinderella and Ariel.
At the end we headed over to retrieve our pumpkins. They were just about to judge them again so I made Rob, who had fetched our car to pick us up, drive around the neighborhood until they were judged. We waited for balloon animals while we waited and when we come back Molly's pumpkin had won! Yay! She got a $25 gift card to Fandango and a singing, dancing, and somewhat annoying pumpkin candy dish. We were all so excited for her.

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