September Happinings

I love September (I may be a little partial since my birthday falls during the month). I also love the weather and the cool evenings. You can just tell the sun in getting lower and there is lots of beautiful light. My only qualm about September is whatever is in the air that brings on my allergies. I don't love all the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

At the beginning of the month we headed to Provo for my 18 week doctor's appointment. Rob came with us since we were also having an ultrasound. After he headed to work and I took the girls to the Provo Rec Center to play. We miss it there.

One night for dinner we had pumpkin pancakes. They girls love helping me in the kitchen.

I finally bought a hose and a sprinkler so the girls to play in the water. It felt like a cool fall morning, but the girls played like it was the middle of summer. It was so fun and entertaining watching them!

For Labor Day we headed up to my sisters house. She'd asked me to take pictures of her beautiful house for when they list it for sale. We drove up Sunday. Hung out for the evening. I took pictures the next morning and then we played around the lake.
The kids were exhausted and both passed out on the way home.
I'm all about breakfast these days. This baby must love yummy breakfast food and much as I do. So I find that I'm much more willing to make a yummy breakfast rather than settle for cereal like usual. We've had pyttipanna, eggs on toast, omelets, pancakes, and french toast. Yum... I'm getting hungry just talking about it.

We've had lots of meeting this month. We had Stake Conference and then 2 weeks later Regional Conference, a funeral, and General Conference is just around the corner. It's not ideal for the kids to ask them to sit still and reverent for so many long meetings. I made a few activities for them and it really helped. Although Sophie had a meltdown after Stake Conference when she found out there was no nursery. At least we know she loves nursery. 

We hung a bunch of pictures all around Molly and Sophie's rooms. I have so many I just don't know what to do with them so instead of them sitting in a pile somewhere we're enjoying them now.

I found the girls giving their barbies and bath toys a "bath" one Sunday afternoon. 

Molly started her first swimming lessons. She took 8 classes. The first day she tried to go under like the teacher asked, but kept getting lots of water in her nose. The teacher called me over and told me my assignment that day was to get her to know how to breath out her nose. Every time she asked her to blow out her nose she was actually sucking air in her nose. So right off the bat Molly did not want to go under. We worked on blowing out her nose and her awesome teacher did the rest. By the end we got her goggles and she was putting her head under water. I was really proud of her progress!

Rob's Aunt LaVon passed away. It was sad to see her go, but we were happy for her. Her health had not been good for many years and she was ready to move on. We enjoyed the viewing and funeral.
After the funeral we went back to the church for some lunch. It was such a charming old chapel with lots of character. As soon as I saw the windows in the gym I knew I needed to get a picture in from them. Or several...

It was also fun to have family in town. Rob's Mom, sister, and three brothers came into town. We were able to spent lots of time with them (and saw the ones that live nearby) while they were here.

The past two years I've made the girls some type of Christmas present. It has sort of become a tradition now. So this year I thought I'd better start yearly since I'm pregnant and I feel it will just get harder as time goes by. I decided on a playmat... and maybe a pillow in the shape of their first initial. My playmat project is well under way and has already clocked many hours. It's coming along.

My dad helped us look at the "new" to us dryer we just bought off KLS Classifieds that was not working right. We finally figured it was the fan that had problems so we ordered the part and my dad came and put it in. I love that my dad is so handy. He's truly amazing. It only cost us $50 instead of hundreds to have someone come out and fix it for us. We are so grateful for his help and I'm so happy to have a functioning dryer again. I was getting sick of having laundry spread all over my house drying.
(These pictures of the dryer repair don't even show the amount of work it was to fix. That whole dryer was torn apart! I took these at the very end when we were finishing up.)

The girls had a picnic on the patio one afternoon. We're just loving this fall weather.

Brother Littleford, one of Molly's primary teachers, passed away at the end of the month. He was so sweet. The last time I talked to him we happened to run into him at Macey's grocery store. He talked about how him and his wife just got back from an Imagine Dragons concert where they watched their grandson play. For being 83 years old that was impressive to me. He then handed me a handful of change so I could go buy me and the girls an ice cream cone. Like I said he was so sweet! Soon after I'd heard he was sick. I didn't know if it was like a cold or more than that, but I noticed there were always subs for Molly's primary class on Sundays. This past Sunday they mentioned it was his birthday Oct 1st and that he was still sick, but to wish him happy birthday if we saw him. I had a feeling at that time that these were his last days. He passed that day.

We saw the Supermoon and eclipse Sunday evening. The last one of this kind was my birth year in 1982. The next one is in 2033.

We've been cashing in on all my bday loot in anticipation of my birthday the last day of this month. In total we visited Red Robin's, Cold Stone, Rubios, Krispy Kremes, Yogurtland, Tucanos, and Firehouse Subs.

I had my 22 week appointment the end of the month. My abdomen measured 23 cm and the baby's heartbeat was 147 bps. I've now gained 7 lbs from pre-pregnancy and 13 lbs total (since I lost 6 lbs in the beginning).

I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 30th. It was a good day. I woke up early and worked out at the gym. On my way home I filled up our car with gas and grocery shopped... all before 7:30 am. I felt really productive. After a shower and we all got ready we spent the morning hanging out with friends. At noon I dropped Molly off at preschool and Rob, Sophie, and I drove to Provo to eat at Tucanos for lunch. It was delicious meal. After we rushed back to get Molly, and for Rob to head back to work. In the afternoon I had a visit from my parents and a few friends in my neighborhood. That evening we went to the rec center and walked on the track until I had to help tear down the gymnastic equipment, then we went to Firehouse Subs for dinner. All in all it was a fun day. I had lots of well wishes and a few fun gifts. (Rob wrote me a poem, gave me a couple sweaters, and got me a caramel apple from Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory. Molly drew me a picture and re-wrapped a bunch of household items, Sophie sang me the cutest birthday song, my sister gave me a sweater and some shoes, and some friends gave me flowers, chocolate, and a general conference kit.) It was a great birthday.

Rob's poem:
Molly's drawing:

Sophie jumping at our friends house.

Oh and Molly, Rob and I all matched and wore plaid shirts on my birthday, but not on purpose. Ha ha.
My bump is growing! Here it is at 22 weeks and 6/7th day pregnant.

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