Sophie's Nap-time Mischief

In the middle of October I finally took off the front part of Sophie's crib to make it a toddler bed. It's always a little nerve racking when you give a 2 year old freedom to get in and out of bed, but she was doing okay with it. Until the other day...
...when I put Sophie in her bed for nap time. I sent Molly to her bedroom for quiet time, and I laid down for a quick nap myself. An hour or two later Molly came in to wake me and tell me Sophie was out of her room and had lipstick all over her face. And she did.
Sophie snuck out of her bed while I slept and Molly was in her room. She went down stairs found some of my bright red lipstick and not only put it on her face, but also on the cupboards, the doors, the mirror and even some on a couch pillow.
But the red lipstick wasn't all of it. She also dumped out a cup of Kosher salt and... 
broke one of Molly's stencils.
Grrr... I'm not lovin' her new found freedom, but she sure is.


  1. that's one of those mom moments you hope to find funny down the road, because when you are living it, its a little harder

  2. But she looks so sweet and innocent in that top picture! ;) maybe you could try red paper green paper like we have done before. (Slip a red paper under the door and tell her that when the paper turns green, then she can come out.) at first, maybe offer an incentive for staying in until it turns green. It's worked pretty well for our boys.