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  1. I love leftovers! I always try to make extra for dinner so Rob and I will both have lunches the next day. When we happen to eat all our dinner up, I'm bummed.
  2. It makes me sad when people I know loose their testimonies of the church. I think about it a lot. It's even worse when they decided to post opposing views on social media. They can make their own choices, but it annoys me when they actively try to tear down others faith.
  3. I'm also annoyed by the negative responses to the church's new policy about blessings and baptisms of gay's children. I was a little surprised by it initially, but after reading why they did so I understand why and have no problems with it. Everybody wants to blame the church, but they should be blaming the parent who chooses to live that lifestyle and hinder their own children from those blessings while they are young. It makes me think of the scripture that talks about the sin be upon the head of the parent. Those children can still come to church, and chose to be members once they're legal adults. It's sad they have to wait, but they'll have their opportunity and I know the Lord with bless them in the meantime.
  4. It snowed today and it's been really cold. I don't like either one bit. I've been missing Arizona's mild winters. It's going to be a long winter!
  5. I am amazed at Molly's swimming progress. When she started swimming lessons she wouldn't put her head under water. She tentatively did by the end of her first lessons. She's on her second round of lessons now and something clicked... she's now a fish in water. She's diving down to retrieve toys at the bottom of the pool and can't get enough of swimming back and forth the length of the pool with her head under. I'm truly amazed and proud!

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  1. Totally agree with your thoughts about the church policy. And way to go, Molly! That's very impressive! :)