Doctor Visits

Molly and Sophie had their well-check up's this past month. It was only slightly traumatizing.

Sophie needed to fast to have her blood drawn (to check her cholesterol level which was 322 last time we had it tested!) and our appointment wasn't until noon. It definitely wasn't easy for her. I caught her trying to make herself breakfast a couple times and then begging for food which sadly I had to tell her no. I'd been trying to see if we could get her in any earlier just for the blood draw and was able to move it up to about 11:30. When we were called back and were waiting for the nurses to come she kept saying over and over, "not my bud... your bud." which translated to 'I don't want them to take my blood, I want them to take your blood!' (I feel bad for her, she's going to have to deal with blood draws for the rest of her life.) Once the nurses came they had me basically lay myself across her body while one nurse held her arm and another one took her blood. She was not happy, but survived. Right after I gave her clementines to eat and then we headed out in the parking lot to eat pb and j sandwiches while we waited for our appointments with the doctor.

All three of us had appointments. We did my 30 week appointment and everything looked good.

Height: 3' 1.75 in  45%
Weight: 32lbs 60%
Head Cir: 18.5 in 10%
She was tested for a UTI.

Height: 3' 8.75 in 90%
Weight: 48lbs 2oz 90%
Molly had an infection from some medication she had recently taken for a UTI.

Molly also got her 5 year old shots. She really didn't want to and keep begging me to let her skip them. She was a bit scared, especially after watching Sophie earlier. I also held her down as they gave them to her and once Sophie realized what was happening she started freaking out thinking her turn was next. Luckily she didn't need any shots!

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  1. one of my least favorite things to do as a mom...doctor appointments.