November Happinings

The first day of November was Daylight Savings and so I was up extra early. I was wide awake at 4:30 am and had plenty of time to throw Sunday lunch in the crockpot, do the dishes from the previous night, blog, shower and get me and the girls ready, eat breakfast... twice, get to 9 am church 10 minutes early, and snap a photo of the girls in their cute outfits.

The first and second week of November both Molly and Sophie had swimming lessons every morning. I was lucky to get them both in our previous teacher's class. Molly in level 2 and Sophie in level 1. Sophie was 2 weeks shy of being 3 (which she was suppose to be 3 for the class), but I thought she was close enough she'd be okay. She did fine until the teacher had her go under the water. Then it was a loosing battle each day. A few days into the lessons the teacher had us switch Sophie to the Mommy and Me class (which I was trying to avoid by waiting till she was nearly 3 and putting her in level 1) and she let Molly come to an earlier class so we didn't have to wait a lesson in between. Sophie did much better, but man was it a ton of work to get everyone ready, including myself, for swimming! Then get us all showered and dressed after each lesson before we rushed Molly to preschool! I was burned out by the end.
Molly really progressed in her lessons. In the beginning she really struggled going under, but at the end of her second set of lessons she was practically a fish in water. She was going under to dive for toys, and wanting to stay later to swim back and forth the length of the pool. I was super proud of her!

Molly and I went to returns some items and shop one Saturday afternoon. I got this cute photo of Molly coming out the rotating doors.

Rob started reading The Wizard of Oz to Molly. She really loved it and so when we finished I got Charlie and the Chocolate factory to read next. We read though that one too, but we were excited to see that the old classic version of the movie was coming on T.V. so we recorded it for her to watch after we finished. It was fun to watch as a family.

We celebrated Sophie's 3rd birthday. Birthdays are always a ton of work for me because I want them to be super special so I decorate, plan activities, take pictures and make a videos of their day. This means I literally spend hours and hours working on each birthday. I guess you could say my love language is acts of service and quality time. 

Molly's had her last week in preschool gymnastics. Since she was turning 5 yrs. I was able to get her into kindergarten gymnastics, the next level up.

I set up the camera to take some pregnancy photos for my pregnancy project. It's been hard to do. I don't know why, but I'm loosing motivation. So there was a 5 week gap before I could get myself to take some more shots of the belly.

I love seeing Sophie in the little nightgown I made her for her birthday. Rob thinks she looks like she's wearing a grandma moo moo, but I think it's darling on her. We can both thank the 1980's pattern I got at the D.I. to make it.

Molly had her first preschool field trip. They went to the fire station. Mrs. Jocelyn was kind enough to take some pictures and send them to me.

I'm still plugging along putting together the girls handmade Christmas gift. I've lost motivation so many times so I'm really grateful I started this several months ago. Now if I could just hunker down and finish it!

Molly wanted to cuddle with Sophie as she went down for a nap one afternoon. It was cute, but no nap in sued. Instead they had a lot of fun playing together.

The girls had their annual well check-ups. What a day that was...

Sophie is getting good at pretend play, so now her and Molly have lots of fun together. I found them in Molly room having a picnic.

For Thanksgiving we headed up to my parents house with several of my siblings. We were like sardines in a can, but it was a lot of fun. We all contributed to the meal. (I brought the stuffing, a delicious jello pretzel salad, and ice cream for pie.) Everything was amazing! Mmmmm!

After eating we headed out for a few family photos. And when one family wants photos usually others do too. But we did them super quick. 

I also set up the camera before we headed up for dinner and took some of our own family photos. If I wasn't pregnant and had more energy we would have actually gone somewhere to take them, but it was easiest to just take them in our house this year. And to be honest it almost didn't happen at all. I'm just feeling big, tired, unmotivated, and more than ready to have this baby. Below is a cute test shot I took of Rob and Molly.

The day after Thanksgiving we put the Christmas tree up. We were pretty annoyed that half our lights weren't working so after trying to fix them for quite some time we gave up and just strung more lights on and hung the decorations. Then we watched 3 parts of Back to the Future :)
I do love seeing our tree in the living room every day.

Molly celebrated her 5th birthday. It was quite a busy day, but she had a blast.
She was also the star student in preschool for the week of her birthday and so we made this poster for her to take to class.

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