December Happenings

Talk about a busy month. Our December was packed full of events especially with our Christmas countdown calendar and the holidays.

One evening we trekked down to main street in the freezing cold to see the Christmas parade. It was better, but shorter than expected.
After we headed out for some dinner at JCW's and over to the Marriott Center to see a BYU basketball game. Our friends couldn't use their tickets so they generously gave them to us. The girls loved it.

I found Molly's diving princesses lined up with Christmas lights one night when I went to check on her. It was cute.

Rob's work had another breakfast for a buck. We love eating breakfast there. It's always delicious and super filling. His office was decked out for Christmas and there was a huge Christmas tree in the middle. Beautiful!
That same afternoon we headed back to Adobe to see Santa and Mrs. Clause. 

Molly moved up a level from preschool gymnastics to kindergarten gymnastics. She now has a new time and new teachers. (She's in the middle in the middle.)

It took a few days, but I put together a new Christmas countdown calendar. The girls loved it... well mostly Molly. Sophie's still a little young to get it, but Molly was there first thing each morning. We did lots of activities, but some days were just putting an ornament on the tree or getting a piece of candy.

We went to Rob's work party. It was titled 'A Night at the Museum'. They encouraged people to dress up as historical figures or someone you'd see at a museum. I needed to figure out how to utilize my pregnant belly and the best pregnant historical figure I know is Mary. So we went as Mary and Joseph. I spent the day sewing our costumes. When Rob got home we donned our costumes and dropped the girls off at my sister's before we headed up to Natural History Museum of Utah.
People who had great costumes were given gift cards. Before we even entered the door we'd gotten one! The museum was packed and we stood in long lines to get food. But we had fun being out together and getting to know some of Rob's colleagues better.

On the 5th we went to an Edge Home event. They had Santa and Mrs. Clause, Elsa from Frozen, along with hot chocolate and donuts.

That evening we went and saw the Tree of Life at the Draper City Park. It was spectacular. This tree cost thousands of dollars to light and it took several men days to string the lights. 

One evening we went to Wendy's for Frostys (and fries for the pregnant lady) per our Christmas countdown calendar activity. 

On the 11th we headed down to Las Vegas. Rob worked and the girls and I played. We stayed 6 days! (See more about our trip here.)

Still growing a baby in this belly and a bit more uncomfortable each day. Here's some photos of week 34.

The girls wanted to have a winter picnic one afternoon so they set up out in the garage. It was freezing, but Sophie, like usual, refused to wear a coat.

We spent an afternoon dipping and making chocolates. Molly loved it!
Here are the haystacks Molly made by herself.

During December I had two doctor's appointments and a dentist appointment. All went well and I didn't have any cavities either! Yay!

We were lucky to have multiple friends come into town. We went to lunch with our friends the McGee's and then had them over to our house another day. We also spent and evening and a different day with our friends the Johnstuns. Its always so fun to hang out with them!

We made gingerbread houses one morning. Molly had been asking to make them over and over again and I knew it was an activity on our countdown. So when it was time to make them she couldn't wait. We were all done by 8:30 am.

Rob and the girls made a snowman Christmas Eve. (See the video here.)

Christmas Eve dinner.

My Grandma Powell fell on Christmas day and in the following days her health declined. She passed away December 29th at about 11 pm.

My brother Logan and his family were in town and one evening we went to dinner with them and then came back to our place to play games.

On a Sunday evening we went to the Stake Center to hear how our ward would be reorganized. We were taken from our old ward and placed in a completely new ward. It was bitter sweet. We're sad to loose friends, but happy to be able to find a seat in Sacrament meeting without having to be 15-20 early.

On the 30th we got together with some of Rob's family. We met up at the Museum of Art at BYU and saw Norman Rockwell's paintings. They were amazing. I really loved it. 
After the museum we all went out to eat at Chuck-a-Rama and then headed up to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

On New Year's Eve we headed out to Roosevelt to spend the evening with family. We got there a bit early so that I could do a senior photo shoot with my nephew who is graduating this spring. We spent the evening eating and playing games. We barely saw Molly and Sophie. They were in love with playing with their cousins.

I made a college with my top 9 ,in 2015, photos in Instagram. It was fun to see what photos were liked best.

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