Family Photos 2015

We took some really low key family photos in our kitchen this year. Honestly I didn't think it'd happen at all. I was so close to hiring an awesome photographer to do our photos this year, but the cost and stress of picking outfits and getting everyone ready was too overwhelming for me so in the end I didn't schedule a session. I thought maybe I could just snap a few myself... like always. But with being pregnant, tired, and busy I just wasn't feeling like it. Although, I really wanted photos of us especially with my pregnant belly. I just didn't want to miss doing it this year. So Thanksgiving morning I pulled out the camera, tripod, and my remote and took a few shots of us before we headed out to be with family. It worked out perfectly because we were kind of dressing up anyway. Our photos aren't my best, but we have them! I was then able to print a few for Christmas cards, which I also didn't think would happen this year, and got them sent out. I'm glad I was able to hunker down and just do it, even if I didn't feel like it.