Molly's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Molly's 5th birthday November 30th! It was cute she requested streamers on her door before she went to bed and when she woke up they'd magically appeared.
She also wanted to open all her presents right when she woke up. We had to rush a bit so that Rob could watch, as he needed to leave for work early that day. 
She loved all her gifts. She got a scooter, a Shopkins board game, a coloring book, construction paper, some princess diving toys, a tutu and $5 from Grandma and Grandpa Powell, and a veterinarian costume from Grandma Kathy.

Molly was also the star student in Preschool the week of her birthday. She got to take a poster all about her and some treats to school on her big day. 
Molly requested McDonald's for dinner so we headed there where the girls ate and played. Then returned home for birthday cake.

I also made Molly two videos for her birthday. (Since I didn't really start making videos when she was really little we only had a bunch of video clips of her.) I make a short one of the day she was born and a second one of her first year of life. After cake we sat down to enjoy them. Oh I loved those days when she was so little!


  1. You are so good at those videos! :)

    1. Thanks Shelly. I don't love making them... they take so much time and energy, but we love watching them over and over so in the end it's worth it. :)