5 Thoughts

  1. I'm amazed at my body's internal clock. I wake up at 5:30 everyday without an alarm to go to the gym. I'm never nervous I'll sleep in.
  2. With my last 2 pregnancies I've had to take off my wedding ring at some point because it didn't fit. This pregnancy I've been able to wear it (currently at 38 weeks) as long as I'm not walking on the track for exercise. For some reason I can do any workout class, but walking makes my hands swell up. Being able to wear my ring in my last month of pregnancy means a lot to me.
  3. I typically do not like winter... or snow... or cold, but this year has not been bad at all. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I think it has something to due with the fact that there has been something to look forward to like the holidays and mostly the baby's impending birth. Plus, I think I'm more focused on how uncomfortable I am pregnant instead of how awful the weather is.
  4. Rob and I started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. We're half way though and we look forward to watching an episode every night we can. It's so interesting we're constantly pausing the show to discuss our thought and opinions.
  5. Rob got me an electric pressure cooker for Christmas and I love it! I find I use it almost every day.

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