Grandma Powell's Funeral

We celebrated my Grandma Powell's life last Saturday (Jan 2, 2016). The viewing was held just before the funeral. She had told my parents that she didn't want her funeral to last more than an hour. It started at 12 and was done precisely by 1. She would have been proud.
A couple interesting things I learned about my Grandmother was that...
  • she wrote poetry
  • she was often thinking of others and would send some of their food to widows and widowers.
  • she was really good at indexing and genealogy. She would often do more indexing than any others in her ward or stake.
  • she was really good at sewing. When she was younger she won a sewing contest that paid for the cost of the dress she made.

After the funeral we all headed to the cemetery for the dedication and then back to the chapel where members from her old ward served the family lunch.
Some thoughts of my own about my grandmother...

  • she was very smart! She was quick with math and a good speller (She would have been valedictorian in high school if she wasn't disqualified for missing too many school days when her mother passed away and she was taking care of her younger sisters. She was secretariat instead.)
  • she had a very good memory.
  • she was exact, precise, and fair. She loved to play card games and if she didn't think the rules were fair she would change them to be that way.
  • she was a good cook. I remember having Sunday dinner at her house occasionally (in the living room so we could all fit) and it was always delicious.
  • she was really good at crocheting! She made all her grandchildren an afghan when they graduated from high school and she also gave the first great grandchild in each family a baby afghan.
  • she was faithful. She and my grandfather served a mission in Guam and were also Provo temple workers for many years.
  • she was kind and always had toys stored nearby for when children came to her house. I personally remember playing Lincoln Logs at her house often.
  • my grandfather was very quiet and my grandmother was not. I'd say she wore the pants in the house. That was just her personality.


  1. Your grandparents served a mission in Guam?! I don't know if you've mentioned that or not before. Jershon grew up (11 years) in Guam! What years did they serve there?

    1. Yes. It was 33 years ago from July 1982 to December of 1983. Not sure how old Jershon is, but it was probably before his time. But maybe his parents were there.

    2. Jershon is 31. So yeah, it was before he was born. His parents didn't move there until 1990 or so. But that's still really cool! :)

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