Nixon's Hospital Stay

The day after Nixon was born the girls came in to meet their new little brother. It was so cute to see their little faces when they walked in. Sophie looked like she wasn't sure what to expect. She only knew baby in my belly, but everyone was telling her that baby was here. She had a look of confusion and excitement. 
We let Molly and Sophie each hold Nixon. They really are in love with their little brother!
My sister Tiffany, who was watching the girls, had to head home. She'd brought the girls to the hospital then popped in for a few minutes to meet Nixon before she started for home. Rob then took Molly and Sophie back to our place so Molly could go to preschool. Once Nixon and I were alone I pulled out the camera to take a few pictures.
We spent the rest of the day nursing and cuddling. 
After Molly's preschool, Rob dropped the girls off at some friends house to play and came back to the hospital in the evening. He brought some gifts from my sisters to open. They both got a gender reveal card sent to them from the ultrasound and were instructed to open it just before baby's birth so that if we had a boy they could help me by buying some clothes for him. We oooed and awwwed over the many cute things they brought for him.
We also had a visit from Rob's brother Scott and his wife Nathalia that evening.
During the night they took Nixon to the nursery to do his hearing test and heal stick. When the results came back the next day they found that his bilirubin levels were high and he needed light therapy. So he spend most of his day under the lights. The girls came to visit and could only look through the window until feeding time when they brought him back to us in our room.
After I fed him and fended off his little sisters who just couldn't keep any distance from us,  I was able to get a couple more photos before he had to go back under the lights. I was sure glad I'd taken a bunch of photos the previous day since there was very little chance to get other photos of him that day.
That night we checked out of the hospital just before 11 pm. We'd stayed until the last minute we could so that he could get as much light therapy as possible. During check out they brought him in to us and cut off some tags and we filled out some paper work. We got him all snug in his pjs and car seat and they wheeled me out to our car and we headed home.
We continued to go to the hospital each day (4 times in all) to check his bilirubin levels. He didn't have to go back under the lights, but he stayed in the high risk area for 5 days before his age and levels fell into the safe zone.

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