Sophie (3 years):
  • Sophie loves all the attention she can get. Often times she says, "Mom, let me tell you a story." and then talks and talks and talks. She gets mad if I stray or she catches me not paying close attention to her story.
  • When she asks permission for something she then follows her request with, "Yes, or no? Yes, or no? Yes, or no?" until we give her an answer.
  • Sophie moved up from nursery to primary this year. She's still trying to get the hang of sunbeams, but feels a little extra special that both her Mom and Dad are in primary with her. (Mom: Primary Music Leader. Dad: CTR 5 Teacher)
  • It's always a fight between Molly and Sophie who gets to say the prayer whenever we pray. And often we'll just give in and let them both pray. Well, it's paid off a bit. Sophie was asked to give the prayer in Primary and she did it all by herself. Several people commented on how great she did and that they were impressed that she could do it by herself and know what she was saying.
  • Often Sophie's prayers involve bad guys not getting in our house, or the like and monsters. She also likes to whisper to me, "Mom, I don't need any help." She's so cute when she clasps her hands together and when she throws her hands in the air when saying Amen.
  • Sophie likes to jump on the Molly bandwagon, but likes to be just a little bit different. For example, Molly was cheering for Rob at a recent church basketball game and was chanting his jersey number, 24. Sophie wanted to chant with her, but wanted to say 23 instead. 
  • Sophie does not like to wear coats even when it's freezing outside. I usually make her anyway, but as soon as we get inside a store or anywhere were going that coat comes right off. She also doesn't leave hair ties in her hair. Not too long after I've done her hair she pulls them out and has funky hair the rest of the day.
  • She is constantly saying, "Watch me Mom!" and "Look at me!" She then likes to do some trick and always checks to make sure I watched the whole thing. 
  • Sophie's really into pretend play and is always saying, "Pretend that I was a..." mommy, sister, baby, etc.
  • She thinks it's funny to moon us.
  • She refuses to color on scrap paper or paper with anything on it. It has to be a fresh piece of paper.
  • Sophie is always saying, "You hurt my feeling." She quite sensitive and doesn't like hearing the word no. 

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  1. Haha. I love that she prays about bad guys all the time. :)