February Happenings 2016

Oh we love our little Nixon! We're still getting use to the changes his arrival has brought, but we're all so in love with him. 
He somehow makes it into our bed every night, but I secretly love it. There's nothing like snuggling with a tiny little baby!

Rob took the girls to the Church museum one afternoon. I was going to go with him, but decided I was too exhausted and opted to stay home with Nixon. It was just what I needed. We napped and spent some uninterrupted time together and it felt wonderful. The girls and Rob had a fun time too and when Rob told me all about it over dinner that evening, I kind of wished I would have gone.

Molly is still loving gymnastics. She did a back flip on the rings one day which I missed, but Rob had the pleasure of seeing. She was super excited about it and tried to do it the next week and couldn't remember how she'd done it.

Both the girls requested they cuddle Nixon one night at bedtime. Of course I couldn't object.

Molly learned a cute Valentine song at preschool. They all came out after school one afternoon to sing to the mom's. It was cute. I would have taken a video if I'd had the space on my phone. But I didn't so I just took a picture instead.

We celebrated Valentines Sunday morning with a few little gifts for each other.

One afternoon we were all sitting in the living room. Sophie was playing in the corner and even though we were all there we didn't notice her mischief. She'd colored all over the window seal and moved on to color on the wall before I finally notice what she was doing.
She's been quite mischievous lately. I've found that she's scribbled all over our desk, on our computer screen, on our bedroom door, and on the wall. She gets in trouble each time, but continues to do it! Grrrr. Such a little stinker! 

We celebrated Rob's 35th birthday on the 16th. He got some extra special cuddle time with Molly when she fell asleep in his lap that afternoon. 
I'd asked Rob what he wanted to do for his birthday and all he wanted to do was eat out. So we had lunch at Firehouse Subs and ended up going to Chuck-a-Rama for dinner.

Sophie helped Rob fill up our car with gas after dinner and it was seriously so cute watching her.

We also used Rob's birthday credit to eat at Toucans later that week. We love eating there, but only go on our birthdays.

We walked around the Riverwoods after to kill a little time before we took Nixon in for his first check-up (3 weeks old).

Once we were called back to our room, our doctor had to leave to deliver a baby, so we waited a while and I nursed Nixon. He may have over eaten because he threw-up all over me. Down my arm, on my lap, and on my ankle. It was picture worthy, although it doesn't look nearly as bad as it was in person.
After his check-up, Nixon was circumcised. We all watched. It made me sad... and wonder why we do such a thing to our little baby boys. But after a week of lots of Vaseline he healed right up and all is well. 

Molly and Sophie spent a couple of nights with cousins. My SIL and brother we're so nice to watch them. They really had a blast. And Rob and I felt so free with just a newborn. We slept in, did a little shopping, and went to a movie.

After we picked up the girls we headed up to my parents house for a birthday dinner my mom made for Rob.

Molly woke up one morning complaining of a sore neck. I thought she'd probably slept on it wrong, but that afternoon I noticed the lymph nodes on her neck and jaw were pretty swollen. That night I went to check on her before I went to bed and noticed they were even more swollen. I wanted to keep a close eye on her that night so I had her come sleep in my bed. Molly and Nixon cuddled together while I got ready for bed. It was so cute.

Rob's paternity leave came to an end and he headed back to work. It was nice to have 4 weeks of help! Just after he got back Rob signed up for a day pass to the Children's Museum for the kids and I. So I ventured out alone with 3 kids. Overall it went pretty well, although it was still a lot of work. Now that Nixon's in the car the girls can buckle themselves... it's too tight. So I get to buckle them in and out. I carried Nixon on me in my J.J. Cole carrier and didn't even take a stroller. Potty breaks and diaper change were a bit tricky, but we managed. The girls had a blast and my back was a bit sore from carrying the baby.

I caught Molly sleeping one afternoon. She'd had an eventful day and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.

I also caught Nixon with a smile!

I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and started de-cluttering. Rob and I went through the clothes in our closet and filled lots of bags. I love walking into my closet now. It's clean, organized, and filled with only the things I love. I can't wait when my whole house feels like this.

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