It's Just my Nature!

I recently finished reading the book It's Just my Nature! by Carol Tuttle. A friend of mine recommended a sister book, The Child Whisperer, but when I went to the library it wasn't available to check out, this book was. So, I checked it out instead.

The book talks about 4 personality and behavioral tendencies, kind of like the color personality system (red, blue, white, and yellow), but different. I classified myself as a Type 4 Energy. This energy type really spoke to me, and the book helped me see my personality in a new light.

There are lots of personality traits that I've seen in myself as weaknesses or traits I'd wanted to change, but the book brought a lot of comfort to me because many of those traits are just part of my inner nature. Plus, there others who think and act like me.

I took some notes about the Type 4 Energy that really resonated with me. I don't fit every piece of the type 4 energy talked about in the book, and I have all four types in me, but here are some personality and behavioral tendencies that fit:  

Words that would describe me: constant, serious, exact, critical

  • cannot fake how they feel
  • expect the best from others and hold a high standard
  • like keeping things structured and staying on track
  • play by the rules and like to create rules
  • like to see how something can be improved
  • see the world through a critical eye
  • can't help that what they first see is what is weak or at fault
  • naturally reflect the truth of others back to them
  • may appear harsh, judgmental, or too opinionated. They see weakness first and may come across as too critical and negative
  • are their own authority
  • do not like to be put in the limelight or attention drawn to them
  • demand too much of themselves and others
  • like to finish what they start
  • have a tendency to set standards that neither they nor anyone else can meet. This makes them feel that they can never fulfill their desired expectations, and always fall short of the mark.
  • think in terms of black and white
  • value respect, loyalty, reliability, professionalism, appropriate humor, and timeliness in others
  • when they converse they give their full attention and expect to be given the same when sharing their thoughts and feelings
  • don't like to be interrupted in the middle of sharing their stream of thought
  • when asked a question they expect the person who asked to pay attention to their answer
  • they may sound critical or overly negative to others
  • content to live in their own world
  • are loyal and faithful friends
  • are true to their word and keep promises
  • are self-sacrificing for the people closest to them
  • don't like to talk to people they don't know
  • like a narrow range of friends to whom they are very close and loyal
  • they are on time
  • take it personally and feel dishonored when the people who are closest to them are consistently late
  • thorough about how they spend money and prefer to save their money
  • prefer single sports
  • think they are the best drivers on the road
  • like to keep things put away and out of sight, clean, clear, and orderly
  • like personal space
  • don't like others to touch their stuff without asking
  • focused with a one track mind
  • can be trusted
  • prefer a solid tight hug rather than a hug with patting or rubbing.
The book gave a lot of clarity to the way I think, feel, and act. I might not like all of these traits and tendencies, but because of the way my brain works it makes more sense why I tend to be that way. 

It's easy to start classifying everyone you know once you've read the book. And it honestly helps you understand them better. So with that said, I think Rob is a Type 2. Molly a Type 1, and I'm still trying to figure out Sophie (maybe a Type 4 or 3). And Nixon's still too little for me to figure out.

If any of you read or have read this book I'd love to know what your Energy Type is...?

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