March Happenings 2016

March is over and honestly it felt like a long month. I spent a lot of time de-junking our house and trying to keep up with day to day tasks. I took lots of pictures and spent a lot of time uploading and editing them (we need a faster computer!). Some highlights from March were attending the Provo City Center temple dedication, getting a new 35 mm lens, enjoying warmer weather at the park, eating the best Mexican food ever at a restaurant called Oteos, going to museums with Rob and the kids after work, and registering Molly for kindergarten.

The rest of our month...
Nixon being at cute as ever.
We spent a lot of warm weather days at the park. It's fun to head over and let the girls play with friends and I get to chat with adults. Everyone there is in love with this toy car. I thought Molly and Colby looked especially cute driving around with a baby on Molly's lap.

We decided to have breakfast at the Original Pancake House one Saturday morning. It was delicious and a bit of a wait to get seated! It was worth it though. We had the Eggs Benedict and an apple pancake. Yum. 
After we decided to go to the Overstock outlet since we were already in Salt Lake. We didn't buy anything, but it's always fun to look around and dream. It's not heated in the warehouse and it was freezing so the girls wore Rob's jacket to stay warm.

I finished taking pictures for my pregnancy time lapse and got to hold my baby instead of my belly.

Sophie's been doing Kid Fitness at the gym while Molly does gymnastics. She's been loving it.

Nixon loves looking at the pictures above his changing table.

I found this surprise Molly left for Rob one morning. A note, a necklace in the shape of a heart, and a cup of chocolate chips. She's a very thoughtful little girl.

Sophie at the window...

The girls trying to share my phone.

For St Patrick's Day we had a special dinner. Corned beef, cabbage, mashed potatoes, and pistachio salad.

7-11 had their 50th anniversary so they had a fill your own cup for $1.50 day. We didn't get close to finishing the pitcher of red and blue slurpy.

Sophie fell down at the park scratched up her nose. She had lots of stories of how it happened. One involved riding her bike too fast and trying to miss a little leprechaun. 

Sophie is constantly keeping us on our toes. She's been sneaking pens and writing all over the desk, walls, piano, doors, etc. She always gets punished, but it hasn't made her stop. 
She's still stinkin' cute even in the naughty corner.
Molly's gymnastics.

The girls entertaining themselves on a cold snowy day. They pulled out paper and watercolors.

We celebrated Belle's birthday with her at her party. The girls had a blast. They loved singing Karaoke. 

We celebrated Easter and dyed eggs.

Rob got a pass to Thanksgiving Point and we went after he got off work. We were planning to go see the tulips at the gardens, but it was freezing outside so we went to the Dinosaur Museum instead.

Tummy time.

Nixon had his 2 month check-up. (Weight: 12 lbs 5 oz - 45%. Height: 23.5 in - 75%. Head: 15 in  - 10%.) At his appointment I also had a couple procedures done. I finally got a few moles that were annoying cut off. One was a bit suspicious so it was sent in to pathology to be checked out.

I found this scene one afternoon. The girls were 'cooking' something and even got out my recipe book to make their creation. 

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  1. I hope you get good news about that suspicious mole. And I love the different angles that you capture in your pictures. :)