Nixon 1 Month

  • Sneezes in sets of 3.
  • Likes to keep his hands up by his face (and they're always in the way when he starts to nurse).
  • Umbilical cord stump fell off at 6 days old.
  • It took the entire first month for Nixon to figure out how to nurse. He had a hard time learning how to latch on. It was frustrating for him and painful for Mama.
  • Grunts... a lot!
  • Sleeps best next to his mama.
  • Started smiling and cooing (just a bit).
  • Does not like to use a pacifier.
  • Likes to be swaddled, but fights to get his hands out.
  • Took his first bath at 8 days old
  • Had his first check up at 3 weeks old where he was also circumcised in the office. He weighed 8 lbs 12.5 oz (40%), length 21 in (50%), Head 13.75 in (10%).

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