Nixon's Baby Blessing

Nixon was blessed in church April 10th, 2016. We combined with another ward that day, due to a electrical fire in their building so there were lots of people! Plus there were 3 baby blessings that day. Nixon was the second baby blessed. They called all the men, invited to stand in the circle, up and then had me bring Nixon up to them.

Nixon was blessed with mental, physical, and spiritual strength. He was blessed with the courage to choose the right and avoid temptation. To be a great missionary and an example to those around him. He was blessed with a great family who he can rely on with questions, doubts, and when he needs help. To be well read in the scriptures. And to marry his best friend in the temple who is strong in the gospel.
After church meetings we had a little party with those who'd come to the blessing. It was fun to eat and be with family. We were grateful to have so many come support us.

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