April 2016 Happenings

We started May off with General Conference. I printed out a conference bingo sheet and the girls loved listening to the talks so they could find squares to put Jelly Bellys on.
In between sessions on Saturday we went up to the State Capital for a picnic lunch and to see the spring blossoms. More about our trip here.
Nixon and I matched one day.

I spent a good part of 2 days organizing and categorizing a bunch of primary helps a lady in the ward gave to me from her primary chorister days. It was a big job that I'd been putting off, but now that it's done, it's awesome. I know exactly what I have and I can find it easily. The primary kids have been loving it too. 

My oldest sister came to visit one day. She lives in Pennsylvania so it was a treat to see her. We had a fun time visiting and I didn't have to share her with anyone. I miss having her and her family closer. 

As I took pictures of Nixon in the clothes he would be blessed in, Molly was taking pictures with my phone.
I got a picture of Nixon in just the little bow tie I made him. I thought it was a cute picture of a baby with a bow tie. Rob thought he looked like a Chippendale. 

Nixon hanging out in a pink Bumbo smiling at himself.

Sophie fell asleep one afternoon. This never happens anymore so I grabbed my camera to take a picture. I only got one shot before she stirred and woke up.

We went up to SLC one Saturday to visit the Church History Center. Rob and the girls went up last month, but I stayed home with Nixon. The girls were happy to return and it was fun to go see.

We blessed Nixon in church and had lunch with family.

The blossoms at the library looked beautiful when we visited one day.

Molly and Sophie got hair cuts! We went to Cookie Cutters and they loved it. I was only planning to trim Molly's hair and have them fix her bangs, but she begged and begged for short hair. So 8.5 inches came off and she got a little bob. 
Sophie got a cute little A-line.
They both look so stinkin' cute!
One cold and windy Saturday we had a garage sale. We combined with lots of our neighbors and we had a great turn out. We made $300 +. 
It was also a big day for Molly. She got to have her first lemonade stand. She was beyond excited. She also sold cookies, muddie buddies, water, and kid grab bags. 
While Rob held down the fort, I went around to the other garage sales in the neighborhood. While I was browsing I had an embarrassing thing happen to me. While chatting with a neighbor I noticed they had what I thought was a chicken pen in their garage. When I asked them if they had chickens they said they had a bunny. So I asked if I could see it. When I went in I didn't see the low hanging sheet metal roof and banged my head on it pretty hard. I brushed it off, but I was embarrassed. Then after looking at the bunny I turned and felt something on my forehead. I touched it and it was blood. The metal roof sliced my forehead and blood was running down my face. They were all horrified and and I was horribly embarrassed. Rob was pretty surprised when I came back injured. He told me I would probably have a Harry Potter scar once it healed.

The best quesadilla ever! Oteos has become our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Both Sophie and Rob wearing crazy hats in primary.

Playing at the park. We played a lot at the beginning of the month and then the weather got cold and rainy so we took a long break.

Nixon filled with milk and sleeping.

Diaper changes. I get lots of happy smiles and cooing from this little guy during the process.

My mom gave the girls each a sleeping bag that she had made for me and my sister when we were little. The girls love them!!! They slept in them on the floor 5 nights in a row.


  1. The girls hair is darling. My favorite thing about the Church History Museum is the 1st vision wrap around movie.

    1. Thanks. I think so too.
      I also really liked the movie too, but my favorite thing there is a painting by Elspeth Young of Mary Elizabeth Rollins. My niece was her model. So it's fun to see. You can see it here... http://www.alyoung.com/art/work-the_treasure.html