Me and my Babies

For Mother's Day I wanted a few shots of me with all my babies. I set up the tripod and the self-timer and took a few shots of us Friday morning. I was pleasantly surprised that I got several that I liked.

Each of my children bring me such joy! I'm so grateful to have them in my life!

Molly is so special! She was my first child and has been my little sidekick since. She's taught me what it is to be a mom. She's such a good girl and can be very helpful. I'm often surprised to find that she listens to me and obeys me even when I'm not around. I've found that I'll tell her it's not polite to do this or that and then later hear from someone else that she follows what I tell her. She's a social butterfly and very thoughtful of others. I love this about her because I don't have to worry about her making friends... she just naturally does.

Sophie knows how to make me laugh. She has such a cute personality! I really love her smile and the cute little freckles that speckle her nose! She's very independent and knows just what she wants. She teaches me to let go of what's not important and let her make some of her own choices. She loves to pretend play and I'm learning to love it with her when I'm able to make time to spend just with her.

Nixon is my a big part of my world! He's my first and only boy. I was nervous for a boy, but he has taught me that boys are just as wonderful as girls. He is such a good baby and SO smiley! I can't get enough of his smiles. And I can't keep from laying a million kisses on him each day. I love that his whole face lights up when he sees me and he doesn't let me out of his eyesight. 

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  1. Great pictures of you with your kids! And I think you're a great mom. They are lucky to have you. :)