A Parade, a Picnic, and a few Impolite People

What an eventful day! This morning we went to the Lehi Grand Parade. It lasted two hours!!! Last Saturday we went to the Strawberry Days parade and complained to each other that it was too long with 3 little ones and the summer sun. It was 2 hours too. 

And while I'm complaining about the length of the parade, let me complain about the very inconsiderate people who showed up late and sent their 5 kids to stand directly in front of us for the entire parade while the parents camped out behind us. Not only were they invading our personal space, but their kids were so aggressive getting candy that Sophie and Molly barely got any. They literally would snatch the candy that our girls were trying to pick up right before they could get their hands on them... over and over again. So our poor little 3 and 5 year old were trying to compete with 7-12 year olds for candy... and they were ruthless! You know, I don't blame the kids. I understand they are kids, but the parents didn't say a word to their children about how to be kind and respectful to those around them. And we had to put up with it for 2 hours. The rest of the parade was great, but we all left feeling extremely annoyed and frustrated.
So to blow off some steam and to cheer up our kids we headed to a park near Utah Lake for a picnic. It was windy, but fun nonetheless.
We decided to walk out to a little peninsula in the water and on the way we had to cross a really muddy spot on a makeshift bridge of crates. Well Molly started freaking out and Rob had a misstep and went knee deep in the mud. He was pretty stuck and had to fish out his sandals with his hands. It wasn't pretty, but it was actually pretty entertaining and I couldn't stop laughing.
Luckily there was plenty of water for Rob to rinse off in.
After our trip to the lake we headed home for baths and showers and a few errands before headed off to get a replacement part for a piece of furniture we bought at IKEA. I waited on a call for 20 minutes to make sure they had the part before we drove up to the store and they said they did. So we drove up. When we arrived Sophie and I went in, took a number, and waited 30 minutes for our number to be called only to find out that they didn't actually have the part we needed. Their truck was held up and so they didn't get their shipment in. Grrr. Things sure we're going our way. Plus Sophie informed me she need to go to the potty as soon as I made it to the counter. She was offered a frozen yogurt for our long wait and so as soon and I was done at the counter we rushed to the bathrooms. We barely made it, but we didn't make it out of the store without spilling the frozen yogurt all over the floor, and Rob, Molly , and Nixon coming into the store for another potty break, while the bathrooms were being cleaned and we had to cut the line in order to avoid an accident. At least there were some pretty considerate people outside the restrooms which sure made up for the inconsiderate people at the parade!
So with all the craziness we treated ourselves to some Vietnamese food (Oh Mai) for dinner and headed home.  

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