May Happenings 2016

In the beginning of May we spent lots of time at the park. Molly snuck my phone one afternoon and her and her friends all took turns taking photos of each other. 

Found the girls sleeping in the same bed one night.

I got to go to Molly's preschool just before Mother's Day and read to her. We had cookies together and the kids sang the cutest alphabet song to all the moms. She insisted on a photo with her awesome teacher Mrs. Jocelyn. 

We love family adventures! We like going to new places and eating at new restaurants. One Saturday we headed down to Chinatown for lunch. We ate at CY Noodles (we loved the chow mein) and then walked around the Asian market afterwards. We all picked out a foreign treat to eat on the way home. 
We've also tried a Vietnamese place called Oh Mai, 180 Tacos, La Carreta, The Original Pancake House, Village Baker, and Savory and Sweet.

We attended a ward function to help raise money for the YM/YW. We ate dinner, cotton candy, and bought a bunch of cookies and a few other items.

Nixon found his toes.

Sophie loves to pretend! She's always pretending and in this picture she's pretending to be a baby.

Sophie sleeping. I really love watching my kids sleep. They're just so beautiful, and calm!

This was when we headed out to Day Break. Full post here.

One of Molly's last days of preschool they painted with shaving cream.

We went to Molly's gymnastic expo and after Molly got to pick out a doughnut for all her hard work. She chose the biggest one she could find.

Molly loves to text Rob and send him photos. Here's a recent one...

Found that the girls were a little to quiet for comfort one afternoon. When I looked on the security cam to see what was happening I found both asleep. More photos here.

Celebrated Molly at her preschool graduation. They sang lots of songs for everyone and received a little diploma. After we had ice cream from the ice cream bar and chatted with friends.

We bought a stinkin' van! More about that here.
We test drove a Town and Country, but the Honda Odyssey was the winner.

Molly and Sophie baking with Rob. Rob's photography skills are improving!

Remember how we picked out candy in China Town? Well I picked White Rabbit Milk candy and it made one of my crowns budge. So for about a week it stayed in and then one bite of salt water taffy and it came right out. Fortunately it was in tack and I went to the dentist the following day and had it re-cemented back on. (That Chinese candy got pretty expensive.) 
Molly was actually super excited for me when I showed her I lost part of my tooth, then she remembered that it's not good for adults to loose teeth. 

Rob's brother Brent came into town over Memorial weekend. He stayed with us and it was fun hanging out with him! More about our adventures here. The girls haven't stopped talking about Uncle Brent.

Nixon had his 4 month check-up. He got shots and was referred to a pediatric physical therapist for plagiocephaly (flat head).


  1. My sisters son had a flat head and had the cutest helmet with a whale on it.

    1. Hoping to avoid the one, but we'll see. He's too young for a helmet at the moment.