Memorial Weekend 2016

We were lucky to have Rob's brother visiting over memorial weekend. He lives on the other side of the country so it's always fun to see him. On Saturday afternoon we headed up to Tibble Fork and walked around. That evening we met up with more of Rob's family and went out to dinner.

Sunday after church we drove down to Spanish Fork to visit Rob's dad's grave. We hadn't been there since he was buried so it was nice to go. We were amazed at how many graves were already decorated and all the beautiful little flags waving in the breeze. 
We stayed until it started down pouring on us and then headed back up to Lehi to meet some of my family and visit my grandparents graves. The storm followed us and we only spent a few minutes before we were also rained out of the cemetery. 

On Monday we visited the Bean Museum, the Museum of Art at BYU, got some ice cream at Rockwell Ice Cream Co, and then walked around downtown a bit.

Molly's been talking about these bug lollipop's since she discovered them at the bean museum. We let her get one this time and she loved it until she ate a couple ants. She said they tasted disgusting.

It was a fun long weekend and I think we successfully wore everybody out.

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