My Two Minutes on Studio 5

I entered a contest on Studio 5 and not only won, but was asked to talk about the contest on the show. I skyped in from home and was pretty nervous. I actually didn't hear the question Brook asked and so I paused for a second, deciding if I should ask her to repeat what she'd said (which I did not want to do!!!) or just start talking. So I just started talking. I was super glad to find that when it aired the next week that I'd pretty much answered her question. Phewww!
I had Nixon on the floor in the background and you can hear him squeal a bit and the girls got to watch a movie in the van in the garage. 


  1. I love how you took a video of the TV. So fun to see it that way instead of just though a link to the show or something. :)

    1. Ha ha thanks Shelly. I kind of love having Nixon in the corner while the clip is playing. Takes some of the pressure off me :)