2016 Vacation Part 1 Bear Hollow Lake and Westside Drive In

We started our 5 day summer vacation at my sister's house a couple hours north of us. Since we were traveling up to Oregon we figured it'd be nice to shave off a couple hours and hang out with family for a day.
My sister lives on a beautiful lake so we spent most of our Tuesday playing in the sand and water.
We also went out on their boat for a bit.
Molly tried out kayaking and picked right up on it. She was pretty confident and kept paddling out further on the lake than I was comfortable with. I had to keep calling her back to shore. She even asked me if I'd buy her a boat. I told her we didn't have a lake or anywhere to use it. That didn't convince her. She still wanted one.
I let the girls sleep in their clothes that night so we could get off quicker in the morning.
We started our long drive just after 8 am.
We made a lunch stop in Boise. We used the app TV Food Maps to find a place to eat. We picked Westside Drive In which had been featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.
After lunch we were back on the road. And our first trip in our new van was awesome. The kids could watch movies and we all had plenty of space. Also, we learned that a page of stickers provides lots of entertainment.

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