2016 Vacation Part 2 Bonneville Fish Hatchery

On our way into Portland we wanted to stop by and see Bonneville Dam. Unfortunately, it had already closed for the day, but the fish hatchery right next to the dam was still open. So we walked around the grounds and saw lots of fish. It was beautiful! The light was low and perfect. I felt a little rushed walking around because our next stop was up the highway a bit and I didn't want to miss it (Multnomah Falls).

We met a 70 year old 450 pound sturgeon named Herman and he was pretty huge!

The girls fed the fish a couple pellets. And I'm not kidding when I say a couple. I guess they regulate how much food the fish get and so when Rob put in a quarter for fish food only 5 pellets came out.
I'm kind of sad we missed out of the dam, but I'm glad we got to see the fish hatchery. It was a great start to our vacation. 

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