2016 Vacation Part 3 Multnomah Falls

After visiting Bonneville Fish Hatchery we headed up the highway to Multnomah Falls. The girls were not as blown away as I would have thought, but they did think it was cool. 
We all hiked up to the bridge which was a pretty popular spot for photos and I hate competing for space for a photo so we walked to the end of the bridge and took a photo of the girls there.
From there we continued up the mountain. The top didn't sound t.h.a.t. far away so we started hiking the switchbacks. We got about a third of the way and Rob, who was packing Nixon on his back, decided he was finished. Molly and I weren't. So he headed down with Nixon and Sophie, and Molly and I continued. 
We hiked 6 of 11 switchbacks until Molly decided she'd had enough. I took a few pictures of where we'd made it to and we started back down the mountain. It was really fun to have Molly all to myself. We had some great one-on-one time and she was even telling me how much she was loving it too.

Once at the bottom we met up with Rob, Sophie, and Nixon. Rob had found a cool little staircase while they were waiting for me and Molly to get back, so we set up our camera and took a few photos of us all.
On our way out we stopped by Horsetail Falls. Nixon needed to nurse so we sat on a bench and watched the waterfall while Nixon ate. It was getting dark, but we had the whole place to ourselves.

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