2016 Vacation Part 5 Seaside & Cannon Beach

This was our first morning waking up in a hotel. I woke up earlier than everyone else and took a few photos of the kids sleeping... because lets face it, sleeping children are angelic, and even better, super s.t.i.l.l! 
When I checked the weather the night before the forecast called for cloudy skies and rain in the evening. So we got up, put on our beach attire, and had some continental breakfast before we headed to the beach.  
Well the weather was not as predicted. It was raining, but we were going to brave it anyway. We headed out to the water and it was quite the feat. I was carrying an umbrella, a bag with beach stuff and sand toys, and a shade tent. I only made it half way to the water and me and the kids were done!
Rob saved us. He switched me all my stuff for Nixon and headed back to the car to put away everything I'd brought. It was a bit of a trek, but it needed to happen if were going to last more than a few more seconds. 
About the time we were leaving the weather started to get much better. Rain wasn't raining sideways anymore and the fog was lifting a bit. It would have been nice if we'd just shown up at the beach then. But we were all soaked and the warm hotel pool was calling... Plus we needed to get back so that we'd have time to get ready before we needed to check out of the hotel.

So the kids and Rob swam for a bit while I fed Nixon and put him to sleep. Then we packed up the car and started driving down the coast. We didn't go far and stopped at Cannon Beach to see haystack rock.
We headed up these stairs to get to the beach which actually went through a resort on the way... my mistake. Somehow I thought this was the main entrance to the beach, and was confused to find it so difficult to get to. It wasn't until our way out that I realized this was just the entrance to a resort. Ha. But I did love these stairs.
Molly pulled out her modeling moves. I didn't ask, but she delivered! 
After Cannon Beach we drove to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
We started with a late lunch. Rob and the girls got grilled cheeses and I was getting sick of vacation food so I ordered a salad. Something I never order.
 Next we toured the facility and taste tested some cheese.
On our way out we got ice cream.
The rest of the afternoon and evening we drove down the coast. We stopped for a few minutes at Lincoln Beach... mainly to decided what the plan was next. Rob wanted to keep driving down the coast into California, I didn't want to add another 5-6 hours to our trip. So eventually we agreed to drive to Salem for the night.

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