2016 Vacation Part 6 Silverfalls

On Saturday we woke up in Salem, packed the van, and headed out. We picked up some breakfast at Carl's Jr and a few snacks, including the biggest, meatiest, yummiest cherries I've ever had, at Winco before we drove to Silverfalls. 
The drive to the park was so beautiful! And Christmas tree farms are seriously the cutest! I made Rob pull over so I could get a few pictures.
At the park we did the shortest, and really easy, hike to South Falls. It rained on us a bit, but didn't pour. And the coolest part was that we got to walk under a waterfall! We walked the loop from the top, around and under the falls, and looped back up to the top.
It was so green and lush with moss growing everywhere. We even found wild blackberries that we picked and ate along the way. 
We only had time for one waterfall since we were planning to drive back to Utah, but if we had a whole day it would have been fun to hike to all 10 waterfalls in the area. It was definitely one of my favorite adventures from our trip.

After we hiked, we all packed into the van and headed for home. A few hours into our drive Molly fell asleep. She was exhausted! So much so that she didn't even wake up when she needed to go potty and ended up peeing her pants and on her car seat too! I had to strip her down and clean her up with wet wipes. Sure kept the drive interesting.

Instead of driving home and arriving at 3-4 am we decided to stop in Nampa, ID. We found a place that had a washer and dryer so we could wash Molly's car seat cover and clothes she peed in. The rest of the hotel was also trying to do laundry. So at 4 am I got up to do our laundry. I went down to the frond desk to get some quarters and they were out. So I had to go back to our room to get my keys, drive to a nearby gas station, get quarters, go back and do a couple loads. It was a pain, but totally worth it!
The next morning, Sunday, we finished our drive home. It still felt long, but I'm glad we broke it up into 2 parts.

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  1. That waterfall is so pretty! :) and that's so lame about the pee accident and doing laundry at 4 am.