Independence Day 2016 and the Fairy Forest

For Independence Day we headed up to my parents house to hang out with family. We had all my siblings there minus 2... which with 9 kids in my family is pretty remarkable! We spent the morning at the Oakley parade. 

I found Sophie and her cousin sitting in the back of a van hanging out while they waited for the parade to start.
Sophie even swept Lillian's bangs to the side. It was so cute.

Here's all of us together except me who was taking the photo and Nixon who was napping inside.
I jumped in for this photo.

In the late afternoon we took the girls and a few cousins up Mirror Lake Highway to see the fairy forest.   
Molly and Sophie even had a little house to leave. 

This picture cracks me up. Look at Molly. She saw how her cousins always make this sign in pictures and so she pulled out this pose. I had no idea she'd learned this and didn't notice till later. It made me laugh, but I hope this doesn't become a habit. Ha.
I wasn't too impressed with the fairy forest at first, but that was because we were on the outskirts of the forest. We stopped and made a home for our house and then walked around. That's when we got into the thick of the forest where I was really impressed. It was all very cute and my girls loved it.


  1. So fun! Is this a year round thing? Or just temporary?

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