July Happinings 2016

July has been such an adventure and I have lots of pictures to prove it.

I walked in to check on the girls before bed one night and Sophie was laying on 7 pillows! 

We drove down to Mona to see the lavender farm. (More about that here.)
Then stopped by Rowley Red Barn for some ice cream and cookies on the way home from the lavender farm. We picked up a few cherries and mushrooms and the girls insisted we needed a wagon to cart them and the produce around.

Rob is so good to always read to the kids before bed. I just love seeing them all together enjoying a book.

For Independence Day we spent the day with family. We went to the Oakley parade and the kids rodeo.
In the afternoon we took the kids and a few of my nieces up to the Fairy Forrest.

We spent a day and night with my sister and her family at their house. They live on a beautiful lake and so we spend most of the day outside enjoying it. (More here.)

We drove up to Oregon for our summer vacation. We spent a day in Portland, drove out to Seaside, and hiked to a couple waterfalls. It was really fun and too short!

We went to Chick-fil-A on cow appreciation day. I printed out these cow faces and let the girls color their own. I could hardly get Sophie to stop coloring when it was time to go get our food.
We always go through the drive thru then eat at a park. When we do it this way the kids can sit back and watch a movie and we don't have to keep 3 kids in line and find a place to sit. Plus, I totally think it's faster.

My friend Rochelle came into town with her girls and we got to hang out a bunch. They came over for a play date, and a couple days later we met them at a park and played. Then because it was so hard to chat with 6 needy kids Rochelle and I went out for a girls night. We picked up some Waffle Love and hung out at a park. A few days later, when her husband came back into town, they came over to play games. It was so fun to hang out with them.

I came home from the gym to find Sophie asleep in our bed one morning.

Molly graduated from Upstart, an online preschool. She's been doing 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 11 months. It's been awesome. She is reading and doing basic math already. I'm so proud of her and all her hard work!
They asked the kids to draw pictures of Rusty and Rosie, the characters on her program, to display at graduation. I think Molly did an excellent job drawing and coloring hers. 
After graduation I treated her and Sophie to a donut at Krispy Kremes (aka 'the doughnut factory' as my girls would say) to celebrate.

We went to Adobe's field trip with Rob. It was fun and thankfully not as hot and last years field trip

Nixon and I spend a good deal of time in the mother's lounge at church.

Molly learned to ride a bike... all by herself. Really she did. We got her a balance bike when she turned 3 because we heard they were much better than bikes with training wheels. She is now 5 and just in the last few months did she finally start riding the balance bike as it was intended. A few weeks back, my parents dropped off a "new" old bike with pedals that they had picked up. Molly was excited about the bike to say the least. Rob envisioned the typical parental rite of passage of holding the back seat as wobbly, over-correcting handlebars transformed into a confident girl riding up and down the street on her faster mode of transportation. But it was not to be. He carried some watermelon and Texas caviar over to the ward party at the neighborhood park and when turned around he saw the confident girl on the bike, with no signs of wobbles or over-correcting, coming around the corner toward him. He thought that I had taught her, but I was as surprised as he was at her new skill. I was inside the house getting Nixon ready for the ward party and Molly was yelling to me that she was doing it. So when I went outside she was riding her pedal bike like a pro. Since then, she is always looking for excuses to go outside so she can ride her bicycle

Sophie's obsessed with being a baby. She's been climbing into Nixon's high chair and having Molly feed her.

Nixon's preparing to crawl. He does a lot of planks and gets into crawling position.

I went for a run one morning and watched the sun rise. I love that Lehi is a mix of city and country.

Sophie's been dressing up in this 18 month bunny costume. The sleeves come to her elbows and the legs to her knees. It still cute, but always gives us a laugh.

This is Molly's drawing of the BFG's hand. It may look small in the picture but it was big. She took this picture of it. Later she drew Sophie, the girl from the book, in between his fingers. I wish I had a picture of it with Sophie. It was really cute. Then it got thrown away accidentally.

Sophie old room got converted to the office and the office got converted to Nixon's room. It was a big job (and still a work in progress). We had to take off the doors to move the chair and take apart the crib to get them through the doors. 
I would have loved to wallpaper Nixon's room, but can't do that while renting so I added some vinyl triangles to the wall. It's coming together, but not finished yet.

Along with moving everything around we went shopping at Ikea for lots of furniture.
We spent an entire Saturday putting together 5 pieces of furniture and 2 chairs. We got the Alex drawers for the base of our new desk and Rob told me he hates Alex.
I'm still working on decorating the office so better pictures to come. I'm also spray painting a bunk bed for the girls that we'll soon put together.

We also retired our queen bed and bought a king bed from our neighbors. 
It wasn't the best timing with all our other purchases, but it is a dream. We have so much space! And now when all the kids end up in our bed some mornings nobody's fighting over space and no one, mainly me and Rob, are falling off the sides. 

We used our queen mattress for a few days until we found a king-sized mattress on sale. Rob and Molly climbed up on this tower to test this mattress. We ended up getting one in a box.

Found this selfie of Rob and Nixon.

We went to the children's museum on a Monday evening for FHE.
Nixon... and Sophie loved the water table.

Nixon turned 6 months and started eating solids.

When you find good light in Costco, you take a picture. At least I do.

We went to the food truck round up one Wednesday evening at the park. It was hot, but a lot of fun! I think we'll be going back again soon.
Nixon had his first swing. He liked it.

I took Nixon in to get his head measured for his helmet. The way they take measurements is by putting a sock, with dots all over it, on his head and adding some dots to his face. Then they use lights to measure the dots. Nixon looked so stinkin' cute! 

Here's another one of Molly's drawing/art project that she photographed.

We watched Star Wars outside at Adobe. They had some of the characters rooming around before the movie started. The kids loved meeting them.
They don't usually start the movie until 9 pm! So it's a late night. Molly lasted half way through the film before she fell asleep and Sophie was just wired, constantly moving and switching places and even trying to cuddle up to a 12 year old stranger next to us. About 20 minute before the end of the movie she finally fell asleep! 

We also sold our Nissan. It was sad to say goodbye, but we're happy with our new mode of transportation.


  1. Wow! You guys had a big month! I want to see all of your house re-arrangements sometime! I need your help with decorating my house. We're currently looking for a sofa (possibly a sectional?) for the basement.

    1. Totally Shelly, come see. I can help anytime, but you decorate really cute so you might not need it.

      I like to look for couches at the Overstock outlet. It's worth a look. I'd go with you if you want :)

    2. Yeah! We should go there sometime. :)