June 2016 Happinings

To start of June we went to a birthday pool party. It was Nixon's first time in the pool. He seemed to like it. The girls had a blast and I got out of having to get in the pool because Rob did. (I don't love swimming or getting wet!)

We bought a new chair to replace our other one that didn't match and stuck out like a sore thumb.

We sold in on Facebook and it was gone within hours.

We went up to my house one Sunday afternoon to visit my brother for his birthday. Grandpa always gets lots of smiles from Nixon.

Nixon in his awesome Nixon shirt.

Finally got my swig gift card from Studio 5 for a photo contest I won. We went that evening for drinks and cookies.

I brought home the last of my boxes being stored in my parents basement. In them was this afghan that my grandma Powell made and gave me for my high school graduation and lots of treasures I'd collected from all the countries I visited and lived in. The girls were enthralled and inherited lots of new treasures.

Umm... this was just too cute. Molly and Nixon snuggled up together sleeping.
We got tickets to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. So we spent several nights and weekends walking through houses. Here's a few photos from our touring adventures...

Sophie doing kid fitness and working on her handstands.

Adobe had their first outdoor movie night of the summer. We watch Zootopia and snacked on candy bars and soda.

We went to church one Sunday with my parents in my old home ward to celebrate Father's Day (a week later). My sister came too and brought dinner with her. It was fun to see so many people I'd grown up around. And the kids love any excuse to see cousins.

Molly went to craft camp for one week. She loved it. (I didn't get a picture on her and her craft from her first day).

We blew up the kiddie pool the girls got from Grandma and Grandpa Powell for Christmas. The girls have been enjoying it. (More photos here)

We went to the Strawberry Day's Parade. We got there a tad bit late, but found a great spot next to the people selling strawberries and cream. And we of course we had to try some. Rob haggled them down from $1.50 to a &1.00 since they didn't take cards and we only had $1.00 on us. They were yummy and totally worth the buck we paid. 
The parade was great! A bit long... 2 hours long, and hot, but fun still the same. 

We celebrated Father's Day with a breakfast of crepes. And Rob opened a couple gifts.
He got a new Kindle and a packet of Kit Kats.

Molly changed her first diaper all by herself. I got it all on video. (I'll have to upload sometime soon.)

We went to Taco Bell for free tacos one night. We sat at a table with some pretty light coming threw the window so that called for the camera phone to come out.

I found this drawing Molly made for me one day while cleaning. I don't know how long it had been hidden, but it was so sweet to find. It's a picture of me and her and says, "Mom I love you mom for ever." The y is even backwards.

Went to the Lehi Grand Parade and out for a picnic adventure one Saturday. You can read all about it here.

Molly and Sophie in primary wearing crazy hats.

The girls begged me for hours and hours to have a lemonade stand one day. So I eventually caved and set one up. It was super basic with no frills. The girls got a few customers. I think they made a $1.00. But it entertained them and the neighborhood kids for a couple hours. They never tired of yelling, "Come get your fresh cold ice lemonade..."

Sophie bit Nixon's foot one afternoon. She's also pushed on his soft spot a couple times. Grrr!!! She can be a bit rough with him and it makes me so sad that I haven't been able to stop this behavior and protect my little guy!

Me and the kids met up with my sister and her family at Thanksgiving Point one Thursday. We went to both the Dinosaur Museum and the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

I ran into 3 friends while at Thanksgiving Point... 2 who were visiting from out of state! 

I got a picture with one... my MTC companion and companion in Malmö, Sweden. She lives in Texas, but comes to visit each summer and for the past 3 summers we've randomly ran into each other. It totally crazy and such a small world!

We went to our nephew's birthday party. It was at the Nicklecade and so much fun! 
Our favorite game was Deal or No Deal. We won over 130 tickets.

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