Nixon 6 Months + First Bites

Nixon's six months and I'm a bit in denial about it. How is he so big already! It must have been so many night feedings that made his first 6 months feel more like a daze to me. Plus, I think each time you add a child into the mix, they seem to grow faster since you have others taking your attention away.

Weight: 17.5 oz. (45%) 
Height: 26.5 in. (45%)
Head: 16.25 in (10%)

Things Nixon started doing this past month:
  • Nixon's good at rolling from his back to his stomach. He can roll the other way too, but is better from back to stomach. And rolling both ways means he can roll around the room.
  • He such a strong boy and holds his body up on his hands and toes in the plank position. 
  • He gets into crawling position on his hands and knees and rocks back an forth. I think he'll be crawling soon.
  • He can sit up by himself for short periods of time while we spot him.
  • He is getting into a more consistent sleep schedule. A morning nap about an hour after he wakes and then a nap every 2-3 hours throughout the day.
  • He moved into is own room and into his big crib. This helps me and him sleep better and consequently he has slept the whole night though the past 4 nights!
  • He babbles and says the da da sound a lot.
  • He did therapy for his plagiocephaly and his head shape was not changing much so he saw an orthotic doctor and was measured for a helmet.
  • He likes to grab everything he can get his hands on.
  • He chomps on his thumb and sucks on his two middle fingers.
  • He likes to feel around while nursing. He'll rub my arm, or feel my shirt, or if I'm using my phone he'll reach back and try and get it.
  • Had his first bites of food the day he turned 6 months. I got lots of pictures documenting it.
We had a causality while eating... Nixon got his foot stuck in the space between the tray and the bar. I don't know how he got it wedged in there, but it was really hard to get out and painful.


  1. I can't believe he is 6 months already! And that's crazy that he got his foot stuck. Poor guy. So he has to have a helmet?

    1. Yep, his head is really flat on the back. They just measured his head and he should be getting it in the next couple weeks.