Young Living Lavender Farm and Rowley's Red Barn

The Saturday just before Independence Day we headed down to Mona to visit the Lavender Farm. Molly insisted on dressing like a cowgirl and this was how she dressed herself... not too bad.
We were all surprised by how big the grounds were. We spent a good amount of time walking around exploring. I'm sure this place would be super fun during their festival, but we were headed out of town that week and so wanted to see the lavender while it was still in bloom.
Just before we left I wanted to get a few shots of the girls in the lavender, but by that time they were hot, hungry, and Sophie needed to go potty. Rob was done too. He took Nixon and headed back to the car and I walked back out to the lavender with the girls. I promised them just a few shots and we'd be done. They weren't thrilled, and it was midday light, but I thought I got a few okay ones anyway.

After the farm we drove further south for lunch then back up to Rowley's Red Barn. Somehow we timed it just right with a wedding party who'd stopped by for a treat and so this place was hoppin'! We enjoyed a cookie, ice cream, and their yummy apple cider slush. We also picked up some cherries and mushrooms from their walk in fridge.

The girls found this wagon and wanted us to pull them and the cherries all around the store on it. We said no, but they enjoyed just sitting on it all the same.

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