August 2016 Happinings

So much has happened in August I should probably brake down this post into weeks, but that's too much work. So here goes...

Nixon had his 6 month appt.

We rushed out the door for Molly's gymnastics class and Sophie's kid fitness class one day and I didn't check Sophie's shoe choice. She picked a silver flip flop and a pink flip flop, both right footers. 

Shopping at the craft store. I had a coupon and went in for one thing and came out with a lot of things. I shouldn't be allowed to go here.

Styled the kids play area in our office.

The girls decorated and put up little bird houses. They kept checking and checking to see if a bird moved it. (No bird moved in)

Rob got a coupon for $10 of food at the grand opening of Harmon's next to his work. We met up with him to use it for lunch and they gave us another $10 coupon. It was a lot of food and a ton of people to weave around with our 3 kids and double stroller.

Window light.

I spent hours and hours and hours spray painting a new bunk bed for the girls.

Nixon got a helmet! It was a long fitting appointment, but this bus entertained the kids pretty well.

I don't bake much, because I don't really love to. But I made bran muffins one morning. I used my sister's recipe and it took me back to staying with her in Portland one summer eating these muffins in the morning.

During one of my spray painting sessions on the patio, Molly was playing in the grass and started screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought she was just doing it for fun and I started heading her way to remind her we have neighbors. On my way she booked it around the corner onto our patio and screaming, "SNAKE, SNAKE!" She'd found a snake, which was why she was screaming so. I didn't blame her at that point. Happening upon a snake is pretty terrifying. I also learned she's a 'flight' person.

Nixon in our bed one morning.

Went to the new local splash pad with friends.

Nixon playing in some pretty light. This was the first day he learned to sit up by himself. The next day he started crawling... for real!

Rob's mom and sister came into town. They came over one afternoon and Grandma Kathy made owls with the girls.

Molly snapped a photo of them.

Nixon's been taking showers with Rob each morning when he gets to take off his helmet for an hour. He loves it.

Costco run. We couldn't resist a photo with these ginormous bears!

Walked around Gilgal Sculptural Park, before we met up with Rob's family for dinner.

We went to Rob's nieces farewell. She was called to serve a mission in Louisville KY.

Molly dressed herself like her doll one day and wanted a picture of them together.

We used the movie tickets I won on Studio 5 and saw Pete's Dragon.

Played at the park.

Took our girls fishing for their first time. Rob had the week off work so we did a lot of fun things.

Went to Cougar Kickoff.

Took the kids to Lagoon

Swam at Seven Peaks

Went to our last outdoor movie of the summer at Rob's work. We saw Angry Birds. Also that night Rob's brother's came into town from driving across the country. Steve came to stay a few days with us. It's fun having family visit. The next day we drove to Park City to go to yard sales and hung out in Salt Lake. We got to see Rob's brother Brent's new place and picked up Rob's Mom from the airport when she missed her flight home. She changed her flight so that she could fly home with Steve the next day.

I love how Nixon sleeps all tucked together with his little bum in the air.

Went to Molly school to take her assessment. They had this fun balloon rainbow out.

Nixon playing in the family room one morning. He's just so cute!

Shopped at Walmart online (save $10 here if you want to try it out) one evening and picked up my groceries the next morning. I didn't even have to get out of the car. It was awesome. And they gave me this little gift for shopping with them.

I love Molly's drawings!

Playing at the park.

Rob and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. After Rob got home from work we went to dinner. Rob bought a Groupon for 'nicer restaurant'. We drove down to SLC with all our kids to the place. We'd already fed the kids so they just hung out on a nearby couch and played some games. Molly snapped a few photos (below) which were the only ones we got at dinner.
So eating here was kind of a funny story. We went in and instantly noticed lots of fancy glasses. We don't drink, so we didn't need them. The waiter brought us a wine menu and a food menu. The food was tapas style so we ordered 4 dishes and nothing but water to drink. Partially into our meal the waiter bought another wine menu and I remember thinking, "wow they're really pushing the wine!" So we ate our little dishes and I took Nixon out to the car to nurse him while Rob paid our bill. On the way out I caught a glimpse of the restaurant's name (didn't notice it on the way in and didn't ask Rob either). It was Meditrina Small Plates and Wine Bar. Wine Bar!!! We went to a wine bar and we don't drink! And we took our kids! No wonder they were really pushing the wine! Ha. I'm glad I didn't see the name till we left or I would have been too embarrassed to go inside in the first place.

After dinner Rob took me to the Apple store and bought me a much needed new computer. He must have been sick of me complaining everyday about how much I needed a new one! I normally wouldn't let him spend this kind of money on me, but I really needed it so I let him. We finished the night with some chocolate and a caramel apple.

Got some cute pictures of the girls and Nixon.

We went to Molly's Back-to-School night. She found out who her teacher would be and also got to meet her and see her classroom.

Nixon's perfecting his crawl. He's getting better and better everyday.

Made and painted this metal mood board to hang above my desk. I love it.

I finished painting the bunk beds and Rob and I put them together one Saturday. Just before putting together the last piece two of the parts fell into the bed's front frame and there was no way to get them out. So to finish the bed I had to drive to Ikea to get two more parts! Once I was there I couldn't resist walking around the store quick. I purchased a few items, one being a rug, and me and the girls headed out to the car. I wasn't able to hold the rug and open the car doors at the same time so I set the rug on the hood of the car. I got the girls in and buckled and drove off. Once I got home I realized I didn't bring the rug in from the car and then I realized I'd never even put it in the car! So I called Ikea and someone was nice enough to turn it in to them. Which meant I had to drive there again! But I waited a few days.

That same Saturday we picked up some lunch and went to a family reunion (my Grandmother's family). 

I got matching Toms for Molly and I.

Nixon in a big bed

Found this little pocket of light that was coming in my bedroom window and bouncing off our tv and onto the bathroom floor just as I was finishing clipping Molly's nails.

Past time to baby proof the house! While I was getting ready Nixon crawled over to a mirror that was just resting against the wall and somehow made it fall. I saw it tipping, but was too far away to do anything. It came down on his head/shoulder and then tipped over him onto the tile floor where it shattered. Molly was watching too and started screaming. Then she ran out of the room. (Like I said she's a fight person.) I ran over to him and checked him out. I don't think he got hurt, but the sounds of the breaking mirror and Molly's screams scared him and he cried.

Rob woke up on a Monday morning with pink eye. He went right into the doctor's office and they gave him some medicine drops to help. So he worked from home a couple days. On Wednesday he went back to work, but that evening he was feeling awful. His eye was discharging lots of fluid and he had body aches, a headache, a fever, congestion, an unsettled stomach, and felt miserable. So Thursday he retuned to the doctor and got a different prescription for his eye. The rest of the weekend he was battling the same symptoms. On Sunday evening he had some men come over and give him a priesthood blessing. The next day was the first day he started to feel a little better. 

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  1. I hate snakes!! I hope we don't get snakes in our yard. And poor Rob! Hopefully he feels better soon.